Meet Week Info, Meet Fee Installments Due

PRACTICE CHANGES — With it being home meet week and the competition actually starting on Friday night, the following are practice changes for the week:

No Friday and Saturday practice for any level. Those who practice on Friday will be coming in on Thursday. Please note on Thursday, we will have limited equipment.

T&T — The only practice available for the week will be Wednesday from 7:15 p.m.-8:30 p.m. Rhea and Blain will split the group in two, with one doing tumbling and one doing trampoline and will switch half-way through.

Boys — Bring your competition gear on Thursday for the final mock-mock meet before Saturdays mock meet in Sheboygan. Please remember to have white socks.

Girls’ Level 2 & 3 — Thursday practice will be from 4:30-6:30 p.m. only to accommodate other levels.

Girls’ Level 4 — You will have practice on Thursday from 6-8:30 p.m. to replace Friday’s practice.

Girls’ Level 6, 7, 8, 9 — Please come every day, Monday through Thursday. We will split into two groups only, however.

Girls’ Xcel Gold — An additional practice will be added on Thursday from 6:30-8:30 p.m. to make up for a missed practice earlier in the season. Saturday’s meet is your Saturday practice.

Girls’ Xcel Platinum and Diamond — Platinum and Diamond can come to any three practices during the week.

Girls’ Fast Track — No changes.

For those with siblings in recreation classes, the current session ends Wednesday, so there should be no one here for recreation classes on Thursday.

SPIRIT WEEK — With it being a home meet, the optional level girls have come up with Spirit Week days. All team members (Boys’, Girls’ 2-10, Girls’ Xcel and T&T) are encouraged to participate. The spirit week assignments are the following:

Monday: Neon day
Tuesday: Halloween costume day
Wednesday: Western day
Thursday: Wildcard exhibition leo/tank-top/t-shirt day

WARM-UPS — Most of the Xcel gymnasts have not ordered warm-ups for the upcoming season. In order for them to here in time for the first meet, Xcel gymnasts need to have the order placed by Friday (Oct. 23). Gymnasts on Xcel will only need to purchase the warm-up jacket. The pants or capris are optional. You do not need to indicate size as the gymnasts have already been sized. Cost of the warm-up jacket is $95. They may be purchased at the following site:

The following gymnasts have not ordered:

XB: Hayden, Brill, KaMiya
XS: Angel, Natalia, Mya
XG: Maeggan
XP: Mileigh
XD: Anastasia

For those who have ordered but have not received, you will receive them prior to the first meet in December. T&T only athletes may purchase the warm-up, but do not have to. T&T gymnasts should at minimum have a Wildcard t-shirt for awards.

SHORT-SLEEVE LEOTARDS — Xcel gymnasts also should have purchased short-sleeved leos for competition by now. Those are in. Please see Rhea, Beth or Blain to receive your leotard. Gymnasts should wear it for the meet this weekend if they haven’t purchased the Halloween-themed leotards. Those leos are in and gymnasts should see Amy to pick up. For sizing issues, please see Amy as well.

MEET HELP STILL NEEDED — Sign-ups are progressing well for the meet this weekend, but we’re still short some areas. The later afternoon Sunday sessions are in dire need of help (hopefully the optional level girls will help out there). We have no one volunteering for score input in either of the final two sessions.

Where we also are in the most need of help is set-up and re-set-up on Thursday and Sunday respectively. We have 9 for Thursday set-up, but we only have four for gym set-up and four for cleaning on Sunday after the following session. Parents, especially those who did not participate in the fund-raiser, please considering helping out with your time. You may sign up to volunteer here:

MEET FEES DUE — Please note that the first round of T&T meet fees and the second round of Boys’, Girls’ Optional and Xcel meet fees are due.

Meet fee installments due are the following:

T&T: $105 on Oct. 20 ($125 for those not in gymnastics to cover USAG membership)
Xcel (all levels): $100 due on Oct. 30
Girls’ 6-9: $220 due Oct. 30
Boys’ 4: $120 due Oct. 30
Boys’ 8: $180 due Oct. 30

Also, we have an actual date for the final T&T meet, so the updated T&T schedule is the following:

T&T’s updated schedule is:

Dec. 20 — Frozen Challenge — New Berlin
Jan. 10-11 — M&M Challenge — West Allis
Jan. 17-18 — Hang 10.0 Invitational — Kenosha
Feb. 7 — Chinese New Year Invitational — Fitchburg
Mar. TBD — State Championships — Fitchburg

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