Share Fair, Meet Fees, Warm-Ups

BETHANY CALVARY SHARE FAIR – We have two short performances on Saturday, July 25 at Bethany Calvary UMC on 75th and Center St. in Milwaukee. Your participation is welcome, but please note that we will likely just be doing group show routines with limited individual routines as time is available. We only have two half-hour performances so time will be tight. We also won’t have much warm up time so please be ready.

The performance times are 11:30 p.m.-noon and 1:30- 2 p.m. Please arrive 15 minutes early for each show.

LEVEL 3 AND XCEL BRONZE PRACTICE CHANGE – Due to the Bethany Calvary Share Fair, Girls’ Level 3 practice on Saturday, July 25 will only go until 10:45 a.m. Xcel Bronze will change their practice time from 9-11 a.m.

MEET FEES – Please note that the second set of meet fees for the Level 2s, 3s, 4s and 5s will be posted to the accounts and charged on July 30. We still have some people who haven’t paid the first installment of meet fees, due to credit card issues. If you haven’t paid the first set of meet fees, please do so immediately.

Gymnasts who have not paid for meet fees will not be placed on rosters for the competitions. The meet fees for the September competitions will be due in a few weeks, so we might not get your child in if you haven’t paid for meet fees.

Level 2 Fees: $225 ($75 per installment due June 30, July 30, Aug. 30)
Level 3 Fees: $450 ($150 per installment due June 30, July 30, Aug. 30)
Level 4 Fees: $480 ($160 per installment due June 30, July 30, Aug. 30)
Level 5 Fees: $150 ($50 per installment due June 30, July 30, Aug 30)

WARM-UPS – Warm-up orders have been placed, but some of the compulsory gymnasts have not placed the order. Your warm-ups have not been placed on order and will not be ordered until you place the order at

The following compulsory and optional level gymnasts have not placed the order:

Level 2: Marcella R., Mahogany S.
Level 3: Aniyah H., Lilly J., Claire M., Emma M.
Level 4: Aniyah B.
Level 5: Maeggan X.
Level 6: Ella J.
Level 9: Anastasia R., Ashley W.

Xcel gymnast orders will be due in September, however those who have ordered will be ordered with this first wave.

Those gymnasts will not be allowed to compete if they haven’t purchased the warm-ups.

AAU JUNIOR OLYMPICS LEOTARD – Once again, the AAU Junior Olympics is a summer meet, please have your gymnast wear the short-sleeve leotard for this competition.

Also, there has been a schedule change for Junior Olympics only involving the Level 4s. Click here for the most updated schedule.

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