Change in Date to Banquet

BANQUET IS MAY 31 — The Wildcard Gymnastics’ team banquet will be held Sunday, May 31 at the Country Springs in Pewaukee at noon instead of Sunday, June 21. We apologize for the switch, but we didn’t realize it was Father’s Day and there are very limited weekends in which we will be able to do the banquet.

The specifics are the same. Gymnasts are $10 and other guests are $20. Please RSVP by May 20 to with a count and how to you will pay. Gymnasts and families will be given tickets for the event.

Also, please be aware that we have a strict two-hour time limit this year as there is an event following ours.

Water park tickets are an additional $17 per person. Gymnasts are not free for the water park. You do not need to purchase water park tickets to participate in the banquet. Adults wishing to enter the water park but not swim are $5 per person. You are responsible for your child at the water park. The water park is open from 2-6 p.m. for our guests.

Gymnasts and their families who are currently on our competitive team and competed two meets (in Girls’ Level 2-8, Boys’ Level 4 or 8, Girls’ Xcel Silver or Gold, or on Tumbling & Trampoline) since September are invited and those gymnasts are eligible for awards. Gymnasts who are on the team but haven’t competed (Girls’ Fast Track, Girls’ Xcel Bronze and Silver, Boys’ Level 4 and Tumbling & Trampoline) are also invited, but will not be eligible for awards.

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