Butter Braid Fundraising Order Forms are here!

Your gymnast will be receiving the Butter Braid fundraiser order forms tonight or tomorrow (or Tuesday, if you are Fast Track). For those of you who have not sold Butter Braids, they are fantastic filled pastries that are easy to make. We are selling Apple, Cinnamon, Cream Cheese, Double Chocolate, Raspberry and Strawberry Cream Cheese. Each Butter Braid sells for $13 (and they are totally worth it!).

We have a very short fundraising window since Easter is so early this year. Please turn in your order forms (with the corresponding amount of money) by Friday, March 27th. Checks can be made out to Wildcard Gymnastics. The Butter Braids will be delivered to the gym on Wednesday, April 1. Please be certain that someone will be available to come pick up your gymnast’s order since they need to be kept frozen. We DO NOT have any extra freezer space in which to store orders. Order forms that are turned in late, may not get ordered!

Please understand that Wildcard asks the team gymnasts to participate in fundraising to off-set equipment costs. The gymnasts have expressed that they would like to see Wildcard put in a Foam Pit for training purposes. This fundraiser will help us raise a portion of the funds needed to meet the cost of putting in a pit.

We do ask that all team gymnasts (Fast Track, Boys’, & Girls’ team) participate. In order to reach our fundraising goal, we are asking that everyone sell 15 Butter Braids each. We know that fundraising is often a pain, but Wildcard doesn’t have Booster Club fees or annual membership fees or additional coaches fees like many other area gyms do. (You may choose to opt out of the fundraiser, but then a $150 donation is requested.) Please help us in achieving our fundraising goals! If you need additional order forms, please don’t hesitate to ask!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Alie at alison@wildcard-gymnastics.com.

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