Optional State Apparel, Saturday Practice, AAU Nationals/Junior Olympics

Girls’ Optional State T-Shirt — Orders are being taken for the Level 6-10 t-shirts and sweatshirts through the vendor’s web site, by clicking here. There seems to be a bit larger selection on-line rather than ordering through the club, especially an adult extra-small sweatshirt (of which there are no children sizes or AXS through the club). Order early, especially if you want the AXS sweatshirt. Personalization is available at the meet. There will be a limited number of apparel available on site.

Boys’ State and Xcel State t-shirt information has already been posted to the blog previously.

Saturday’s Practice — Saturday’s practice is as normal—the first in a long while—with the exception of TOPs, which will be from 9 a.m.-11 a.m. There will be no optional level practice on Saturday until after the state meet.

Gymnasts Prior to Practice — We are again having an issue with gymnasts running around and being on equipment prior to practice. This is especially true on Mondays and Wednesdays. We are also having an issue with parents being in the practice area prior to practice. If this continues, we will have to institute stricter pre-practice policies.  Please understand, that we need to ensure safety and reduce any risks of injury.

Locker Room Etiquette — Gymnasts should be using the locker room and not the cubbies in the gym to store all of their belongings. Additionally, gymnasts should be respectful of the belongings of others. Please use the lockers and locker-room cubbies to store shoes and jackets. If something is out of the cubbies and on the floor, please be respectful and pick it up and avoid stepping any clothing/items that are on the floor.

Private Lessons — Amy has limited availability for private lessons Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday in non-practice times. Please check with her for her updated availability at amyg@wildcard-gymnastics.com.  Some of the other team coaches may also be available.  Please check with them directly if you are interested in scheduling a private lesson.

AAU Nationals Venue Change — AAU has indicated that the AAU Age Group Nationals will not be held at the Riviera as previously announced. It will still be in Las Vegas, at a different venue, to be announced. Hotels reservations will be honored at the price previously announced. We will let you know once we have the location of the meet.

AAU is taking entries for the meet. If you wish to register, please come to the gym with a credit card and we will process the entry with you (you will directly enter your card on the AAU web site … we would prefer not to take payment and then register later).

AAU Nationals is open to any of the girls’ and boys’ competitive levels.  It would be really cool to have a large team go to Nationals, so please consider making this a vacation option.

AAU  Junior Olympics Schedules — AAU Junior Olympics is scheduled from July 29-Aug. 8 in Virginia Beach, Va. AAU has not released any hotel information yet, so we can not pass that along.

The gymnastics competition is scheduled from Aug. 5-7 (check in Aug. 4). Feats of Strength All-Sports Combine is scheduled Aug. 6. There has also been some interest expressed in Tumbling & Trampoline, which is scheduled to run July 30-Aug. 2 (July 29 is check in and open work out). T&T athletes will get to compete twice, most likely, in a prelims and finals set up. If anyone is interested, we can try to participate in the T&T competition and the All-Sports Combine. Please let us know if you have interest in competing in all three. Also, if we have enough gymnasts, we will enter one team performance group.

Unfortunately, there is no Boys’ gymnastics competition at AAU Junior Olympics, but the boys can compete in the T&T competition and All-Sports Combine.  Again, we’d love to have a big Wildcard team represented, so the more the merrier!

Entry fees for gymnastics are $80, T&T $73 (if competing all three events), All-Sports Combine is $48. Our gymnastics meet schedule will determine if we can compete in Feats of Strength.

Success Wall Additions — We, once again, had quite the number of success wall additions from our competition at the Hang 10.0 Invitational in Kenosha. The following gymnasts will be added to the success wall:

Level 2 Girls:
Kayla B. — 9.050 on floor
Grace D. — 9.000 on floor
Siena F. — 9.050 on beam, 9.100 on floor
Aniya H. — 9.100 on floor
Jordyn H. — 9.450 on floor
Kayleeanna T. — 9.500 on floor
Taylor W. — 9.200 on floor
Bella W. — 9.350 on bars, 9.000 on beam, 9.650 on floor (1st)

Level 4 Boys:
Max B. — 9.9 on rings (1st), 9.9 on vault (1st), 10.1 on horizontal bar (1st), 1st All-Around
West F. — 10.3 on floor (1st), 1st on pommel horse, 9.8 on rings, 10.1 on vault (1st), 10.7 on parallel bars (1st), 11.1 on horizontal bar (1st), 1st All-Around
Dylan K. — 9.6 on floor, 9.9 on pommel horse, 10.0 on rings, 10.1 on vault, 9.7 on parallel bars, 10.7 on horizontal bar
Level 4 Boys Team — First Place All-Around

Level 6 Girls:
Sofia B. — 9.050 on vault, 9.200 on beam
Hattie B. — 9.200 on beam
Bradyn F. — 9.000 on beam
Delaney H. — 9.200 on vault, 9.250 on vault (1st), 9.400 on beam, 9.375 on floor, 1st All-Around
Elie L. — 9.000 on vault
Jordan M. — 9.000 on beam

Xcel Silver Girls:
Amari D. — 9.250 on bars

Xcel Gold Girls:
Kelsey E. — 9.000 on beam
Anna P. — 9.100 on vault
Aliyah R. — 9.125 on floor

Tumbling & Trampoline
Bradyn F. — Level 6 Tumbling (1st), Level 5 Double Mini (1st-T)
West F. — Level 5 Tumbling (1st), Level 5 Trampoline (1st)

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