A Big Thank You to Everyone Who Made the Meet a Success!

Thank you to all our volunteers — Wildcard Gymnastics would like to send a big thank you to all of our volunteers for your help this past weekend in setting up, running and tearing down the Wildcard Cruise Classic. It was our first time to go off site with the meet. We were hopeful for more entrants, but we are confident we will continue to grow the meet in the years to follow. We looked over our rosters and there are very few families who did not participate in a volunteer role in some way. Wildcard does not have a booster club, so we strictly rely on parent help for assistance with meets.  As stated in our team handbook, all team families (regardless of whether your child was participating in the meet) are expected to volunteer in some manner.  Again, a huge thank you to those who volunteered their time, especially those who helped during the set-up and tear down process!  For that, we are very much grateful!

New Levels in Our Billing System — Gymnasts are put in their new levels in our billing system starting with this month. For compulsory girls’ gymnasts who have advanced to their next level, you will be billed accordingly. For those gymnasts formerly on Fast Track and Gold Bugs II, you will be billed at the Level 2 price, which will run later today. New Fast Track families (those on Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 p.m.), you will be billed monthly starting today.  Monthly tuition is expected to be paid by the 10th of each month or the card on file will be charged accordingly.  February’s tuition will be billed today.

Please have a credit card on file for all monthly charges associated with your account.

Tuition Increase — This is a reminder as well that girls’ team gymnasts will see an increase in tuition. The new amounts are as follows:

So beginning March, your gymnast will be charged the following:

Girls’ Level 2 — $155 per month (up from $145, 7 hours per week)
Girls’ Level 3 — $160 per month (up from $145, 9 hours per week)
Girls’ Level 4 & 5 — $170 per month (up from $155, 10 hours per week)
Girls’ Level 6-10 — $180 per month (up from $165 per month, 12-15 hours per week)

Currently, Xcel and boys’ tuition will remain the same.

Last Chance to Register for GymTastics, Carousel Meets — Friday, Feb. 13 is the last chance for gymnasts to register for the following AAU Off Season Meets:

Mar. 21-22 — GymTastics Inv. (AAU, Watertown) — $50
Apr. 11 — Carousel Inv. (AAU, Plover) — $50

The following gymnasts are currently registered for the GymTastics meet:
Essence B., Olivia G., Caelyr G., Jennifer H., Nadia J., Ayanna L., Maggie M., Jordan S., Sarah S., Kamryn W., Maeggan X.

The following gymnasts are currently registered for the Carousel meet:
Caelyr G., Jennifer H., Maggie M., Sarah S., Maeggan X.

Any recently qualified Level 6 gymnast, this would be your opportunity to compete in Level 6 this season.

Please note that the current Level 2 gymnasts (former Gold Bugs II and Fast Track) are registered for these two meets as part of their meet fees.

Also note that we might add the AAU Central District Championships in Rockford, Ill., to our meet schedule once we receive information on that. That competition will be in early May.

Parents/Non-Practicing Kids on the Practice Floor — We’re once again finding a situation where we have parents on the practice floor regularly and we have kids who aren’t in practice on the floor or on equipment (particularly in the back gym/preschool area). We had a situation last week where a sibling of a team kid was in the way of the high school team practice before Wildcard’s practice. We can not have kids that aren’t in class at that time in the practice area for safety consideration. We run a very friendly operation and allow parents and siblings to serve as spectators (other gyms are not as hospitable). We also offer a play room for siblings and non-practicing children. Please use that instead of the practice area to entertain your children.

Also, again, as a reminder, no one is allowed on equipment before practice. This includes the back trampoline, rings, and back floor. This definitely includes siblings of gymnasts. Please, for safety consideration, do not allow your child to play on equipment before practice. The only individuals allowed on equipment prior to 4:30 p.m. are gymnasts in a private lesson with an instructor or in a TOPs practice.

Wildcard’s Go FundMe for a new Pit — Wildcard has created a Go FundMe campaign to help raise money for our new pit.  We have made a small dent in the cost of the pit with our pasta/coffee fundraiser but not nearly enough money to even be able to break ground in the spring!   Please repost this link and pass it on to friends/family.  A foam pit would be a remarkable training tool for our gymnasts and really, it’s the only equipment team setting our gym apart from other gyms.  Please help us raise the funds to start pit construction in the spring.  Visit http://gofund.me/wildcardpitproject?pc=tw_cr_n  to donate to the pit project!

Success Wall Additions — We’re going to need a bigger wall!

The following gymnasts will be added to the success wall (give us a few days to process the large amount of pictures we need to add to the wall, we will have it done by the end of the week):

Girls’ Level 2 (9.5 or higher on vault, 9.0 or higher on other events, highest event or AA score)
Siena F. — 9.000 on beam, 9.250 on floor
Jordyn H. — 1st vault, 9.450 on floor, 1st all-around
Aniya H. — 9.250 on floor
Ashley M. — 9.125 on bars (1st), 9.000 on beam, 9.275 on floor
Kayleeanna T. — 9.400 on floor
Taylor W. — 9.350 on floor
Bella W. — 9.050 on beam, 9.500 on floor (1st)

Girls’ Level 3 (9.5 or higher on vault, 9.0 or higher on other events, or first place)
Caleyr G. — 1st vault, 1st bars, 1st beam, 1st floor, 1st all-around
Kaylie M. — 9.050 on floor
Ayanna L. — 9.000 on bars (1st), 1st beam, 1st all-around
Rhianna R. — 9.250 on floor (1st)

Girls’ Level 4 (9.0 or on events, or first place)
Essence B. — 1st all-around
BeckyDee D. — 1st beam
Mariyah L. — 1st vault
Taylor T. — 9.000 on beam (1st), 9.075 on floor (1st)
Kamryn W. — 1st vault, 1st bars, 9.050 floor (1st), 1st all-around

Boys’ Level 4 (9.5 or higher or first place)
Max B. — 10.3 on rings, 10.0 on horizontal bar
West F. — 10.8 on floor (1st), 10.2 on rings (1st), 9.8 on parallel bars (1st), 10.3 on horizontal bar (1st), 1st all-around
Jack G. — 9.9 on rings
Dylan K. — 10.3 on floor, 9.6 on rings, 1st on vault, 9.9 on parallel bars (1st), 10.8 on horizontal bar (1st), 1st all-around

Girls’ Level 5 (9.0 or on events, or first place)
Madeline C. — 9.125 on beam (1st)
Ella J. — 1st vault, 1st bars, 1st floor, 1st all-around

Girls’ Level 6 (9.0 or on events, or first place)
Sofia B. — 9.175 on beam
Bradyn F. — 9.000 on floor
Delaney H. — 9.075 on vault, 9.075 on bars (1st), 9.275 on floor
Lilly Ja. — 9.225 on floor
Aaliyah K. — 1st on beam, 1st all-around
Elie L. — 9.075 on vault (1st)
Jordan M. — 9.000 on bars, 9.200 on beam
Camille P. — 9.425 on beam (1st)
Eden R. — 9.000 on vault (1st), 9.250 on floor (1st)
Ryann W. — 1st on bars, 9.000 on floor

Girls’ Level 8 (9.0 or on events, or first place)
Anastasia R. — 1st on beam

Boys’ Level 8 (11.5 or higher or first place)
Reed B. — 1st on pommel horse, 1st on horizontal bar, 1st all-around

Girls’ Level 8 (9.0 or on events, or first place)
Anastasia R. — 1st on beam

Girls’ Xcel Silver (9.0 or on events, or first place)
Daisy D. — 9.050 on bars
Amari D. — 9.450 on bars
Marcela R. — 9.100 on beam

Girls’ Xcel Gold (9.0 or on events, or first place)
Christen B. — 9.200 on vault, 9.650 on bars (1st)
Aliyah R. — 9.400 on vault (1st), 9.550 on bars (1st), 9.400 on beam (1st), 9.200 on floor (1st), 1st all-around
Anna P. — 9.000 on floor
Katherine R. — 9.000 on vault
Stephanie Y. — 9.200 on bars, 9.200 on floor
Xcel Gold Team — 1st all-around

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  1. Vicki Busalacchi says:

    Angela would like to compete in the Gymntastic Meet and Carousel meet.


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