Wildcard “Home” Meet, Baby Ellison, Non-Competitive Tops, Team T&T

Welcome Ellison — Our boys’ head coach, Candace, had her second child this week (and no, despite how it may have looked, she did not have triplets, nor was 15 months late). We’d like to take the time to welcome Ellison Montgomery Wittrock to the world. He was born at 9:22 a.m. on Sunday, Jan. 25. Candace and Ellis (or Monty … or Tedward) are doing well. Until Candace returns, the boys are in the hands of Jason on Mondays and Blain on Wednesdays.

Saturdays will be up in the air depending upon the meet schedule. The next two Saturdays there will be no boys practice as the Level 8s have a meet this weekend and the whole team is next weekend. Hopefully, Candace will be back in the swing of things by our meet, and we’ll be back on schedule.

Sign-Ups for Wildcard Cruise Classic — Signups for the Wildcard Cruise Classic are available here:


The amount of volunteers needed is a bit smaller than a typical home meet because we aren’t running concessions and don’t have a front desk or phones to operate. We need at minimum 8 volunteers per session (this does not include award presenters). We can always use more. Captains sign up is also available on this form.

Also, not on the list is change over from boys to girls set up in between the first and second sessions. This should be relatively painless and we only need a few strong people. Parents of boys gymnasts, please plan on helping immediately after the boys session in addition to other volunteer duties. It only involves setting up one set of uneven bars and moving a few mats around and should only take about a half hour.

Coaches and Judges Food for Cruise Classic — We do not need concession donations, but we will need food donations for the Cruise Classic. We will be need of crock pot meals, fruit/veggie plates, snack items, beverages, (preferably items with a “cruise” feel), etc. We need to feed up to 4 judges and about 15 coaches during the meet on Saturday for lunch and dinner and 8 judges and a dozen coaches for lunch on Sunday. We will need breakfast items for 3 judges and 5-6 coaches on Saturday and 8 judges and 6-8 coaches on Sunday. The sign up is available here:


Updated Cruise Classic Schedule — Apologies for changing the schedule and then leaving off one of the groups. Level 4 girls are at 8 a.m. on Sunday. The current schedule is available here.

Practice Schedule Changes, Week of Cruise Classic — Friday’s practice on Feb. 6 will end at 7:15 p.m. in order for us to make it to Concordia University. Saturday, Feb. 7, there will be no boys or Xcel practice as we have the meet that day and most of our staff will be at the meet. We will try to add an Xcel practice next week if it’s at all possible.

Level 3s Stay Until 7:30 p.m. — The Level 3 girls’ group (those who competed Level 2 in the fall and came Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:30-6:30 p.m.) should stay until 7:30 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting next week.

Non-Competitive TOPs — At this point, due to dwindling participation numbers, Tuesday night’s non-competitive TOPs is being temporarily disbanded. We will re-evaluate the non-competitive TOPs group after the competition season ends in April.  (We’d love to have these kids join Tumbling & Trampoline Team, see below.)

Boys’ Level 4 Regionals — Boys’ regional entries are due at the end of the week. The meet is April 11-12 at Brookfield East High School. The cost is $80 for our gymnasts ($20 is being applied from current meet fees for a meet we didn’t attend). Please let us know by e-mail if your gymnast will be competing at this meet by Friday and pay the meet fee so we can get the entry in. We highly encourage all of our Level 4 boys to do this meet. Level 8 boys are registered as part of meet fees.

Team Tumbling & Trampoline — We have received limited response (from two gymnasts) regarding the tumbling and trampoline team practice. Tumbling and Trampoline team practices will be Thursdays, 6:30-8:30 p.m. There are still two more opportunities to compete this year still, one at the state meet (date and location TBD, probably at Scamps in Kenosha) and one at regionals (May 15-17 in downtown Milwaukee). The Tumbling & Trampoline competition was really fun and any of our team gymnasts will benefit from it!  The routines are relatively simple and our gymnasts will learn them very quickly.  This is open to all team gymnasts — Fast Track, Boys’ and Girls’ Team.

We need at least four to run this class. The cost of the class is $125 per session (note this class is charged sessionally for now … the remainder of the session will be prorated) and does not include meet fees. The only equipment gymnasts will have to purchase is trampoline shoes as we will compete in our current competitive gear. The class will not run this Thursday as we still await individuals who are signing up. If we do not have at least four gymnasts, the class will not run.

Karolyi’s Camp — We have 9 gymnasts currently signed up for the Karolyi’s Camp, July 6-11 near Huntsville, Texas. We need at least one more to sign up to send a coach. Deposit is $150. Please let us know if you are interested. It will be a great opportunity for your gymnast to learn from different coaches in a fantastic setting.  Visit http://www.karolyiscamp.com for more information!

Aloha Gymfest — We had a great time at Aloha Gymfest on the island of Oahu last week. The meet was fantastic and well run. Photos are available to look at here:


At this point, we would suggest that this traveling meet return to the schedule. Anticipate that this will be on the schedule again in January 2017 as part of our regular every-other-year traveling meet, but there is an outside chance that it could be added in January 2016. Ideally, we would like to compete two meets while in Hawaii, as four teams did this year. Gymnastics in Paradise, hosted by Hawaiian Island Twisters, was held the weekend before Aloha Gymfest. Gymnastics in Paradise, however, was just an optional level (6, 7, 8, 9, 10) meet. There is no meet the following weekend in Hawaii. Boys, we’re sorry. We haven’t found a meet in Hawaii yet that would fit this schedule.

Success Wall Additions — With two meets since our last weekly blog post, we have a few gymnasts to recognize. All five gymnasts at Aloha Gymfest made the success wall and three Xcel gymnasts made it in their first meet of the season.

Aloha Gymfest
Level 3
Essence B.— 9.600 on vault (1st place), 9.300 on bars, 9.100 on beam, 9.050 on floor
Aniyan B. — 9.250 on beam, 9.100 on floor

Level 6
Bradyn F. — 9.100 on bars
Elie L. — 9.050 on vault (1st place)
Aaliyah K. — 9.150 on bars, 9.400 on beam

Altius Pink Ribbon Meet
Xcel Gold
Christen B. — 9.350 on vault (1st place)
Anna P. — 9.050 on vault
Aliyah R. — 9.200 on vault

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