Wildcard Cruise Classic Registration, Fast Track, Reminder of Tuition Policy

Wildcard Cruise Classic — Families, if you haven’t registered for the Wildcard Cruise Classic, please do by Wednesday 1/14. The gymnasts listed below are registered. If your gymnast should be registered, please let us know. (Please note, all former Boys, Gold Bugs, Fast Track and Level 6 and 8s are registered with meet fees).

Angela B., Olivia G., Caelyr G., Ella J., Vanesa K., Kaylie M., Rhianna R., Jordan S., Sarah S., and Kamryn W.,

Former Fast Track, Former Gold Bugs II & Former Level 2 Team Practice Times — Starting, Jan. 24, the former Fast Track and Gold Bugs II groups (now New Level 2)  should now be coming on Saturdays from 9 a.m.-noon unless otherwise noted as they move into meet season. Please note that tuition for Fast Track will slightly increase as they go into Level 2 and Gold Bugs II will move into monthly tuition starting in February (more information on the monthly tuition is below). They are now considered Level 2s, so please note the change in name.

Beginning Jan. 27, the new Level 3 group (last season’s Level 2s) will now stay until 7:30 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please note, there will be a tuition increase as a result of moving to the new level.

Tuition Policy — We’d like to make a reminder to everyone regarding our tuition policy. We MUST have a credit card on file to bill tuition. We will bill current month’s tuition only if not paid by the 10th of the month to the card on file.

Also, please note that we are going to have a tuition increase beginning in March. We have the cheapest tuition of any gym around (YMCAs excluded and Xcel program excluded), by in some cases as much as 75 percent less. All of our team classes are about of what you’d pay at any of the five or six closest gyms. And we don’t over charge for meet fees. We did a unscientific poll and most gyms are charging close to double of what we charge for meet fees on each level. Also, we don’t charge an annual fee, like other gyms do. However, we have the same expenses.

Also, please note, we have only increased team monthly tuition by $10 once in the last four years. We are doing our best to keep it as inexpensive as possible.

So beginning March, your gymnast will be adjusted to the appropriate level and will be charged the following:

Girls’ Fast Track – $155 per month (up from $135 per month, 4-6 hours per month)
Girls’ Level 2 — $155 per month (up from $145, 7 hours per week)
Girls’ Level 3 — $160 per month (up from $145, 9 hours per week)
Girls’ Level 4 & 5 — $170 per month (up from $155, 10 hours per week)
Girls’ Level 6-10 — $180 per month (up from $165 per month, 12-15 hours per week)

We will likely be making some slight adjustments to gymnasts schedules in March as well.

Also, please note that in the summer when we allow the gymnasts to practice 4-6 hours more per week, we do not charge you for this like other gyms do.

Meet Fees — Former Gold Bugs II and Fast Track competing Level 2 in the spring season have their final installment of meet fees due Jan. 15. Those will be automatically deducted on the 15th if they haven’t been paid already. The meet schedule for these Level 2s is as follows:

Feb. 7-8 — Wildcard Cruise Classic at Mequon, Wis.
Feb. 21-22 — Hang 10.0 Invitational at Kenosha, Wis.
Mar. 21-22 — GymTastics Invitational at Watertown, Wis.
Apr. 11 — Carousel Invitational at Plover, Wis.

Boys’ team members, your final meet fee was not charged in December and will be charged on January 15.

Karolyi’s Camp — As of now, we have 10 gymnasts going to the Karolyi’s camp this summer, July 6-11. You can still get in the camp with the Wildcard group. For every 10 gymnasts, we can have a coach attend. If you are still interested, please give us the $150 non-refundable deposit today. You may find a registration form and more information at http://www.karolyiscamp.com.

Boys’ Level 4 Regional Invitational — The Level 4 boys are being invited to the regional competition in Brookfield which is usually reserved for the upper level gymnasts. The cost of this meet is $100, but we will offer it to our boys for $80 as we are removing one meet off the schedule. The meet at Sheboygan YMCA is being removed because they have moved the date to conflict with our home meet and we’ll deduct the cost of that meet fee from the regional entry. We highly recommend all the Level 4 boys do it to show the region just how successful the Wildcard Gymnastics boys’  team is this year!

Tumbling & Trampoline — Wildcard Gymnastics entered in a new competition this weekend with two of the team gymnasts as guinea pigs. We competed in the Tumbling & Trampoline competition as part of M&M Challenge with very good results. We were competing against athletes who train up to 12 hours per week specifically for these competitions. Despite a lack of specific training and not having a rod floor, russian trampoline or a double mini, our athletes did quite well against other kids in their level.

In tumbling, there were only 6 total athletes competing at that level regardless of age. Our athletes scored as high as a 48.9, just two and a half points behind much older athletes who train this regularly (that is not a significant margin in tumbling, scores would only need to increase .4 per judge to make up that deficit).

In trampoline, West F. scored a 20.0 in Level 5. In all, 27 different athletes competed in Level 5 and he, despite only training for a grand total of an hour prior to this competition, scored higher than nine of those athletes and within a point of another four more.

In double mini, Bradyn F. scored a 55.8 and was just 1.5 points from winning (an increase of .25 per judge puts her in first) against a girl who trains solely for this and said she practices 12 hours per week. Against 22 athletes competing Level 5, she was higher than nine and within a point of another three more. She was even higher than kids who train at one of USA Gymnastics national training centers in the state.

The point of this is we’d like to get this off the ground at Wildcard. There are five or six teams competing T&T in the state and there are more competitive opportunities. We have opened a team class on Thursday nights for team gymnasts who would like the opportunity to also compete T&T, for boys or girls. This class is from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. and is open to all team Fast Track – Level 8.

Right now, we have two regular season Tumbling and Trampoline meets on the schedule and two post-season meets. Meets are typically $50 for the first event and $10 each of the other two events. We could probably still get gymnasts entered in the next meet. We will also compete at state (date TBD) and T&T regionals, which is to be held in April in Milwaukee. If there is interest from optional level gymnasts, we could start a class on Wednesdays.  It was a very fun competition and would have been a blast with 15-20 gymnasts from our club competing.

Success Wall — We were remiss in noting the success wall additions from the Altius Strongman Invitational on Jan. 4. Those boys making the success wall were:

Level 4
Max. B — 1st place on vault
West F. — 10.0 on floor (1st), 10.6 on rings (1st), 1st on vault, 9.5 on p-bars, 10.5 on h-bar (1st), 1st AA
Dylan K. — 10.1 on pommel horse (1st), 10.1 on rings, 9.9 on parallel bars, 10.6 on horizontal bar (1st)
Level 4 Boys Team — 1st all-around of 5 teams

Level 8
Reed B. — 12.2 on vault

We also had a great competition this week at the M&M Challenge in Waukesha. All three of our teams did great (boys, girls and T&T). We are very proud of how well our gymnasts did this weekend. In fact, of everyone who competed, we only had three gymnasts not win a medal of the 25 who competed in this very strong field. The success wall additions from this meet were:

Boys’ Level 4
Max B . — 9.9 on rings, 9.9 on horizontal bar
West F. — 10.4 on floor, 10.9 on rings, 9.6 on vault, 10.7 on p-bars, 11.0 on h-bar, 1st AA
Jack G. — 10.2 on floor, 9.5 on vault
Dylan K. — 9.8 on floor, 10.5 on pommels, 11.0 on rings, 9.7 on vault, 9.7 on p-bars, 10.6 on h-bar

Girls’ Level 6
Sofia B. — 9.000 on vault
Hattie B. — 9.100 on vault, 9.000 on beam
Bradyn F. — 9.050 on vault, 9.000 on floor
Delaney H. — 9.150 on vault, 9.200 on beam, 9.550 on floor
Lilly J. — 9.225 on floor
Aaliyah K. — 9.100 on vault
Izzie L. — 9.250 on vault
Elie L. — 9.200 on vault (1st)
Camille P. — 9.050 on vault, 9.075 on beam, 9.050 on floor
Eden R. — 9.225 on floor

Tumbling & Trampoline
West F. — 1st on Level 6 tumbling, 1st on Level 5 trampoline, 1st on Level 5 double mini
Bradyn F. — 1st on Level 6 tumbling, 55.8 on Level 5 double mini (avg. of 9.3 per judge)

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