Holiday Party, Girls’ Off-Season Compulsory Meets

Sorry for the multiple posts this week, but there is a lot going on.

Holiday Party — Our team holiday party is scheduled for Monday, Dec. 22 from 4:30-6:30 p.m. at the gym. All boys, Xcel, Gold Bugs II, Fast Track and Girls’ Levels 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 gymnasts are invited. The Level 8 girls will be in charge of the entertainment for the party.

Gymnasts are to bring a gift valued at $20 or less to trade in a secret santa gift exchange. Gymnasts in all levels except Gold Bugs II, Fast Track & Level 2 will exchange names. Gold Bugs II, Fast Track & Level 2 should bring a gift to exchange amongst the group.

If your gymnast is unable to attend the party please drop off your gift for your gymnast at the gym prior to the party.  Dress in fun holiday attire.

Pizza and drinks will be provided. All other gymnasts should bring some sort of snack or dessert to share.

There will be no practice following the party.

Off-Season Girls’ Compulsory Meets — In the off-season, girls’ team members in Levels 2-4 are given the opportunity to compete in meets to continue the competitive experience. Most gymnasts will be given the opportunity to compete at the next level, if they feel ready and have the majority of the skills. (There will be some gymnasts who may want to compete their current level during the off-season as they train the next level too). The following is the off-season meet schedule, meet fee and due dates:

Feb. 7-8 — Wildcard Cruise Classic (AAU, Mequon) — $55 — due Jan. 5
Feb. 21-22 — Hang 10.0 Inv. (USAG, Kenosha) — $80 — due Dec. 19
Mar. 21-22 — Gymtastics Inv. (AAU, Watertown) — $50 — due Feb. 1 *
Apr. 11 — Carousel Inv. (AAU, Plover) — $50 — due Feb. 1
June 10-14 — AAU Nationals (AAU, Las Vegas) — $90 — due Apr. 20 *
Aug. 5-7 — AAU Junior Olympics (AAU, Virginia Beach) — $90 — due June 15 *
* subject to an earlier deadline once we get meet invitation

Any current Level 2 gymnasts doing the Hang 10.0 meet in Kenosha will also have to pay an additional $35 for a USAG membership for Level 3.

Gymnasts will still need to try out in the summer to compete the next level in the 2015 USAG season next fall.

Next Set of Meet Fees — Gold Bugs II and Fast Track will have their second installment of three of meet fees will be due December 15 (with the final installment due January 15). That amount is $65.

Also, all boys and Level 6 & 8 girls have their final set of meet fees due on Dec. 15. The last installment for Girls Levels 6-8 is $190 and for boys is $160 for Level 4 and $200 for Level 8.

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1 Response to Holiday Party, Girls’ Off-Season Compulsory Meets

  1. Vicki Busalacchi says:

    Angela would like to compete in the Cruise Classic and Hang 10 Kenosha Meet. You may charge my card accordingly. We will make a decision on the other meets at a later.


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