Thanksgiving Weekend Private Lessons Available

Private lessons are being offered to any gymnast (regardless of Level or gender) for $35 per hour. Private lessons are for one hour only, but may be split among two gymnasts. Please pay your instructor directly (with checks made out to the instructor or with cash). We will not put these on your account or take credit card for these lessons. They must be paid for prior to the lesson.

Private lessons are available from Alie, Amy, Blain, Julia or Christina (a former coach who is returning to coach for us as of this week). Christina only will take compulsory gymnasts on Friday morning only. Boys should only sign up with Blain. Hallie is also available on Saturday afternoon and she has a great grasp of the routines and is a great resource for the Level 2s.

Private lessons are available on Wednesday prior to practice, Friday before and after practice and Saturday after practice. Optionals, Boys and Xcel gymnasts are allowed to sign up.

Signups may be done via Sign-Up Genius at the following link:

Anyone who has already arranged a private lesson time is entered in the sign-up genius already.

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