Photo Proofs Available

Photos proofs are available for all gymnasts except those in Gold Bugs and girls’ Level 8. Several of those groups still need to have their photos taken (those will be posted when the level is finished). The photos are organized alphabetically by last name. If your child’s photos are missing, please let us know and we can re-upload the proof version. The watermarked proofs are available for viewing here:

If you would like the non-watermarked versions of the photos, you will receive all of your gymnasts photos, including the all team and their respective level photo for $15. You will also receive a copyright release so you may do with these photos how you choose. You will be sent 4×6 photos in print quality. If you need a larger file, we can try accommodate, but the 4×6 should be good enough to increase to an 8×11 without any significant loss in quality.

To order, please send an e-mail with the e-mail address you want the photos sent to and either pay in person or have us bill it to your card on file.

A big thank you goes to the Boys’ Level 4, Girls’ Fast Track, Girls’ Xcel and Girls’ Level 8 for all being present and ready the first time photos were taken.

The following gymnasts still need to have photos taken and should do so on Monday at 4:30 p.m.:

Gold Bugs II Team Photo (all competing Gold Bugs II gymnasts)
Kassidy D.
Grace D.
Alana L.
Keagan R.
Mahogany S.

Girls’ Level 3
Vanesa K.

Girls’ Level 6
Sofia B.

Girls’ Level 8 (problem with the camera and we need to re-take)
Rose D.
Bella G.
Ava G.
Glenna P.
Anastasia R.
Crystal S.
(for Level 8, Ashley W. and the team photos worked)

Boys’ Level 8
Reed B.

Please wear your competition leotard/singlet.

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1 Response to Photo Proofs Available

  1. Vicki Busalacchi says:

    I would like Angela’s pictures sent to this email address. You may charge my card.


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