Mental Training Homework – Confidence Cards

Confidence / Focus Cards

This week’s homework is to create confidence cards. Confidence cards are collections of ideas, quotes, questions, cue words, and positive self-talk that an athlete can use during a competition to help with focus and self-confidence. Before each event or randomly during a competition, the gymnast can pull out the cards and focus on what each card says. These can be event specific or apply to any event.

 “Confident people think and act confidently!” We have talked a lot about looking confident during routines and how adding sharp wrist flicks, chin lifts, stretch positions, etc. can help give the appearance of being very confident. But we also want the gymnast to feel truly sure of him/herself. That’s where mental training and this week’s confidence cards come in.

The brain is an amazing thing. If thoughts are repeated, over time your brain will be convinced of those thoughts. So repeating positive statements over and over will help the gymnast to become more focused and confident. Reading the confidence cards will trigger this confidence more quickly.

This week, we will be talking about what cue words or questions can help each gymnast be more confident. Encourage your gymnast to write down key words or phrases that help them feel assured. Gymnasts can also look up some gymnastics quotations or success quotes that help with motivation or self-confidence. The key words or quotations can then be put on index cards or made on the computer (use a business card template).

Have your gymnast decorate an envelope to store the cards in and be sure that they get packed into their gym bag this week! We hope to see them using the confidence cards at the meet.

Click here for some Sample Confidence Cards.  Feel free to use these or change them to fit your gymnast’s needs.

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