We apologize for multiple posts in one day. We left something off the last post:

Warm-Ups: Girls’ on Level 2-10 (including Fast Track and Gold Bugs II that are competing in the winter) that don’t have the warm-up jacket may purchase them if they choose. The cost is $70 for the warm-up with a name embroidered. The company only has less than a handful of youth medium, plenty of youth large and adult large jackets left. Please let us know by Tuesday morning if you wish to purchase one of these. We hope we can get them turned around in time for the Wild Wild West Classic.

Pants are an additional $30 and are available in many sizes. However, we recommend just wearing any black yoga style pants.

Please note that we will be re-ordering warm-ups next summer.

Xcel Girls’ Warm-Ups: We are ordering a different warm-up jacket for Xcel girls team members. We expect the cost of those to be $20 (with no embroidered names). These are different than last year’s jacket and we hope to have those in time for the Wild Wild West meet. We will let you know the exact cost in the next couple of days.

Boys’ Warm-Ups: We will not be doing boys’ warm-ups. They will get a sweatshirt. The cost will likely be $20, but we haven’t finalized where we are ordering from yet. Again, we will let you know in the next couple of days.

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  1. Beth Croasdaile says:

    Hi Alie, We’d like Jillian to have a warm-up. I’m guessing she’d be a medium. She is wearing size 6/7 currently. Can you just charge our account? Thanks, Beth

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