Wildcard wants a foam pit! Let’s fundraise!

Ask any gymnast what piece of equipment that they would like to have at Wildcard and they will almost unanimously tell you they’d like a foam training pit. (For those of you not familiar with this, “a foam pit” is a an in-ground hole filled with soft foam pieces where gymnasts can try higher level skills with confidence and safety.  We feel it is about time that Wildcard fundraises for a foam pit. We think a pit would be a fantastic training aid for our gymnasts and would enable them to achieve even greater success.

So once again, Wildcard’s competitive team will be selling pasta, fudge, coffee, and cookies. We have raised quite a bit of funds with Fun Pasta and Java Joes Fundraising in the past and feel it will help us work toward our foam pit!  (All Gold Bugs, Fast Track, Girls’ Level 2-8, Boys’ Team and Xcel are expected to help fundraise as the pit will be for everyone!)

Our goal is that every gymnast sells 20 items or more. Wildcard earns about 50% off all total sales. Obviously, the more items sold, the sooner we can put in a foam pit! Pasta orders may be placed online at:


Cookie dough, fudge, and coffee will also be available for purchase online at:


Orders will be due by November 15th. Please double check your order forms and be sure that your orders are correct. Checks should be made payable to Wildcard Gymnastics. (We know that some gymnasts have fundraising commitments for other sports, scouts, and school.  If you would prefer to not participate, we do have a buy-out option.  Please inquire about the buy-out option, if you want to do that instead. Remember, that we are trying to raise money for something that everyone at the gym will use so we need everyone’s help to get us to our fundraising goal.)

Selling Tips:

  • Please encourage your child to wear their leotard/warmups/Wildcard t-shirt when they sell. Or have your gymnast create a poster showing themselves doing gymnastics and detailing that they are trying to raise money for new equipment. Parents, we definitely appreciate any help with the fundraiser but have your child help with it. After all, the pit will be for their use.
  • The fundraising packets have order forms for pasta, coffee, cookies, and fudge, as well as a current Wildcard brochure and a business card. Feel free to ask for more of any of these if you need them.
  • Please feel free to share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Vine!
  • Please don’t wait until the last minute. Remember, orders are due Nov. 20.

Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities are available!

Wildcard is looking for some corporate sponsors to help fund the pit. Wildcard will gladly advertise the names of any companies that help with the costs for putting in the foam pit. Wildcard would put the sponsoring company’s logos on our website, a banner and flyers at the gym, special thanks on our gyms’ media displays, and visibility with 500- 2000 people at our competitions (hosted 2-3 times per year) and 300 – 900 people weekly in the gym. Please contact us at 262-923-7418 or email us at gymnastics@wildcard-gymnastics.com for more information about sponsorship opportunities.

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