ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Part 2; Tosa Fest

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Part 2 — On Monday, we responded to Alie’s challenge by Dianna with the girls’ Level 4s, 3/4s (and one Xcel gymnast), 6s and 8/9s getting soaked and raising $92 (matched to $184).

On Monday, the gym was nominated by M&M Gymnastics in New Berlin to accept the challenge. Gymnastics who practice on Tuesdays, this is your chance to see if you can best what the other levels did. Fast Track, Level 2, Level 3, and Level 3/2 gymnasts will get their chance to get soaked and raise money for the cause. Fast Track and Level 2 will take the challenge at 6:30 at the end of their practice and the other Levels at 7:30 at the end of their practice.

Tosa Fest — We will have another show, our last of the summer season, on Saturday, Sept. 6. We will be in the parking lot under the Harmony Bridge in the Kids Corner. We will have performances at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. We will have the obstacle course set up from noon-5 p.m., so gymnasts can help us out when we letting kids take part in the obstacle course. All gold bugs, girls’ team and boys’ team are a part of this show. We will wear the current exhibition leotards unless our replacement leotards have arrived by then. Boys will wear Wildcard t-shirts and black shorts.

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