Exhibition Leotard Payment Due

Exhibition Leotard Payments Past Due — The following gymnasts owe $140 (Level 4-below) or $150 (Level 5-up) for the long sleeve competition leotard. Please remit promptly or let us know to charge it to your account. If these aren’t paid for, we can not get the order for your child and your child will not be able to compete.

Level 2 — Olivia, Lilly Joh., Claire, Sadie, Neave, Kendra, Jennifer, Emily V.
Level 3 — Essence, Vanesa, Emma L., Emma M., Korynne, Brooklyn
Level 4 — Camille B. (also exhibition), Aniyah, Chasity (also exhibition), Adriana, Ella, Aaliyah, Kerigan, Norah T., Ryann, Kamryn, Maeggan
Level 6 — Hattie, Izzie, Elie
Level 8 — Ava G., Bella, Anastasia, Emma, Khalizstall, Ashley

Girls’ Competition Fees Starting in July — The first installment of meet fees for girls’  Levels 2, 3 and 4 are due July 15. Please pay prior to then or you will be billed and charged on July 15. If you are not on autopay, you need to take care of these prior to the due date or your child will not be able to compete. Subsequent installments are due August 15 and September 15. The meet fee installments are:

Level 2: $65 (three installments for $195)
Level 3: $145 (three installments for $435)
Level 4: $150 (three installments for $450)

Boys’ all levels, and Girls’ Levels 6-8 and the winter/spring Level 2s will have meet fees due later in the year.

Secret U.S. Classic — The U.S. Classic is an elite-level girls’ competition at the Sears Centre Arena at 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 2 in Hoffman Estates, Ill. We can get group tickets for $25 per person if we order at least 10 tickets. Please place your U.S. Classic Order by July 16 if you are interested. We will not be providing transportation to the event. Additionally, there is a junior elite session at 1 p.m. if you decide to make a day of it. We will not be getting tickets to the junior elite session. You can buy those at the box office if you so desire.

Team Prices for Summer Camp — Wildcard Gymnastics has two summer camps left. We will offer a significant discount for our team members. The cost for camp for the team gymnasts is $150. Team kids will be practicing their regular daytime practice hours while in camps and will not be participating in camp activities during those practices. On days or times in which campers do not have practice and in between practices, they will be participating in the camp activities. Do not register for this on the web site as it will charge you the full $275. Please see someone at the front desk to register for our camps. The dates of the remaining camps are July 21-25 and Aug. 4-8.

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