Memorial Day, Badger State Games, Leotards

Memorial Day — Wildcard Gymnastics will be closed for Memorial Day. There will be no team practice or rec classes.

Badger State Games — Badger State Games was an annual tradition in the state, but it wasn’t held the last few years. This year, on extremely short notice, they have added gymnastics back to the schedule of activities. This year’s competition is at Mosinee Middle School in Mosinee, Wis. (about a half hour from Stevens Point), on Saturday, June 21. There is also a tumbling only competition on that same Saturday where gymnasts will be judged on three passes.

The cost is $50 for gymnastics and $25 for the tumbling competition. Entries are due to Wildcard Gymnastics by June 6.

Organizers have indicated that they will not hold the competition if they don’t get at least 100 competitors combined in gymnastics, tumbling and cheer, so there is still a possibility it would not be held. If the competition is not held, gymnasts will be refunded. The date of cancellation is set for June 16.

It is a non sanctioned competition, but will be run by AAU rules. We encourage all gymnasts to participate, especially those who weren’t able to compete in the AAU season.

2014 Team Banquet — The date is set for the team banquet. It will be at noon on Sunday, June 29 at the Country Springs Hotel in Pewaukee. The cost for gymnasts (who competed in at least two meets this season) is free and additional guests are $15. We will have water park tickets and the costs available for $16 per person (gymnasts will have to pay for water park passes should they wish to swim). This is a discount of the normal $26. We expect all team gymnasts to be at the banquet. Coaches are free for the banquet and must pay for additional guests and water park passes for their entire party.

The deadline for RSVPing and paying for the is June 23.

AAU Junior Olympics — The registration deadline to Wildcard for AAU Junior Olympics (July 27-30 in Des Moines, Iowa) is now June 24. The cost is $85 and includes the entry to the team performance competition.

A tentative schedule for the event is as follows (your gymnast will compete only once but could compete on either of the days listed):
Sunday, July 27: Registration Open
Monday, July 28: Levels 1-5, Xcel Bronze, Silver, Gold; Opening Ceremonies that evening
Tuesday, July 29: Levels 1-8, Open, Xcel All Levels, Ladies All Levels, Team Competition
Wednesday, July 30: Levels 6-8, Open, Ladies All Levels

All competition is scheduled for 8 a.m.-6 p.m.

The following gymnasts have registered for Junior Olympics:
Aniyah Brown, Angela Busalacchi, Bradyn Fowler, Hallie Fowler, Caelyr Grining, Emily Grining, Nadia Jennings, Ella Johnston-Fodor, Lilly Johnston-Fodor, Aaliyah Krause, Vanesa Kvam, Aniyah Lacking, Elie Literski, Mariyah Lee, Emma Lieb, Jordan Morrissey, Jordan Schultz, Maeggan Xiong

If your child should be on the list, please let us know.

Level 3-5 Tryout — As we mentioned earlier, gymnasts will be “earning” their spot on their level on Friday, June 6 during the regular 4:30-8:30 p.m. practice time. Gymnasts will likely get to perform two routines for two different sets of coach evaluators and the data will be pieced together. Gymnasts may also be asked to show skills from the next training level. It will take a couple of days to put all that data together, so gymnasts and parents will not receive that information immediately.

For those who can not make the tryout time, please let us know and we will try to schedule a separate evaluation time with those who will be able to attend on June 6. Level 3s who normally practice on Saturday will have their practice moved to Friday, June 5. There will be no Level 3 practice on Saturday, June 7.

Summer Practice Schedule — The summer practice schedule will begin on Tuesday, June 17. Click here for a reminder as to summer practice times.

leotardsCompetition and Exhibition Letoards (click the image to see it larger) — It’s time to order competition leotards for the 2014-15 and 2015-16 seasons and summer exhibition leotards for the girls’ season. Levels 2 – 9 will be purchasing both longsleeve and exhibition leotards.  Boys should be ordering singlets for the exhibition and competition season as well (for boys, it’s the same singlet for both competition and exhibition.  Also, please note that the boys will be changing shorts and pants color to gray, so you will need to purchase those as well).

Once again, our competition leotard will be coming from Australia, so we need to expedite this process to receive them prior to the competition season. Compulsory gymnasts leotards will be charged $140 for the leotard and optional gymnasts $150.

Xcel gymnasts must purchase the exhibition leotards. They may also purchase the long-sleeved competitive leotards. They will compete in exhibition leotard unless they have purchased the long-sleeved leotard. If the Xcel gymnasts choose to purchase the long-sleeved leotard, silver and gold gymnasts will get the ones for Levels 2-5 and diamond and platinum gymnasts will get the ones for Levels 6-10.

Exhibition leotards will be coming from GK and will be $40. Boys singlets will also be from GK and are $44.

Deadline for ordering leotards and singlets is June 10. We will size all gymnasts for the leotards and singlets.

Xcel Coaching Change — For those of you who don’t know, we are having a coaching change in our Xcel levels. Missy is no longer at school in Milwaukee and will not be returning in the fall. Ashley will still be part of the program, but we have moved Heidi and Bella from classes to coaching the Xcel team. They have been working with the Xcel gymnasts for the past two weeks and are doing very well.

Beginning with the start of the summer schedule, gymnasts on Xcel Gold (Kelsey, Katherine, Anna and Stephanie) will add a half hour to their practice schedule, staying until 8:30 p.m. on Wednesdays. The Saturday schedule will not change.

AAU Nationals — Gymnasts competing at AAU Nationals should plan on wearing last year’s Wisconsin leotard. Families, we will need to borrow one child medium or child large Wisconsin leotard for one of the gymnasts.

For AAU Junior Olympics, we plan on wearing our new exhibition leotards.

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