2014 Level Tryouts, Meet Schedule

Level Tryouts — On Friday, June 6, we will be having tryouts for gymnasts to earn their spot on the level they’ve been training (for Levels 3-5 only). This tryout will take place during the normal 4:30-8:30 practice time. This will be a competition type format. The tryout will consist of criteria that we will be disseminating in the coming days. Gymnasts will be asked to perform routines and possibly some skills on all four events; they will be scored on routines and skills will be evaluated; what they’ve done in practice will also be factored into the tryout.  The goal for this tryout is to give the gymnasts more competitive practice as well as having them earn their spot on the level.  We know many gymnasts have worked hard to acquire the skills for their level and we want them to get the chance to demonstrate their proficiency at this level in a meet-like setting.  Gymnasts should wear one of their exhibition or competition leotards and have hair pulled up neatly.

Other levels that typically practice on Fridays will practice as scheduled, but may spend the majority of their time in the back gym.

2014 Girls’ Compulsory Schedule — We received the compulsory state schedule and have tentative fall girls’ meet schedule. Level 2s will compete at the meets denoted by an asterisk. This is subject to change:

August TBD — Preseason Meet at Wildcard
Sept. 13-14 — Judges Invitational at Scamps (Kenosha)
Sept. 27-28 — at Swiss Turners (West Allis)
Oct. 4-5 — at Altius (Franklin)  *
Oct. 18-19 — Wild Wild West Classic (at Wildcard) *
Nov. 1-2  — at M&M (New Berlin) *
Nov. 15-16 — at LaFleur’s (Germantown)
Nov. 22-23 — at Midwest Twisters (Hartland) *
Dec. 6-7 — Level 3-5 State Championships (likely in Wisconsin Dells)
Dec. 13-14 — Level 2 State Championships at WCGC (Elkhorn) *

Future State Meets — Wildcard Gymnastics has been awarded the 2017 Level 3-5 Girls’ State Championships, the 2023 Level 2 State Championships, the 2025 Xcel State Championships and the 2028 Level 6-10 State Championships. Mark your volunteer calendars!

Awards and Achievements — Congratulations to Blain for being named the State Contributor-of-the-Year by the Wisconsin State Gymnastics Board.  He was awarded this title based upon the fantastic job he did hosting Level 2 State and Optional State Championships! Yay!

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