Important Boys Information

There is a boys team meeting required for all boys and their parents currently registered for levels 3-8 on Monday, May 5th at 5pm. It will last 30-45 min. and will cover all of the information for the summer practice schedule, costs associated with the upcoming year, what level your child will be moving to/staying in, and other important information.

Boys currently in level 3 will be moving to level beginning May 1st. This means they will add additional practices on Mondays 5-7pm beginning May 5th after the meeting. The cost for level 4 is $140/month. This is an additional $20/month for twice as much practice time. 

I will be sending in the registration for the Sheboygan meet on May 17th this week Monday. Please let me know by Monday if you are available to participate. This is recommended for all boys moving to level 4. 

Also, if your level 3/4 child will be missing Saturday practices due to vacations or other sports, talk to Candace about making up the time on a Wednesday evening with the upper level boys team. Please contact Candace with any questions. 

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