Thank you, thank you, thank you

Wildcard coaches, parents and gymnasts:

We can’t thank you enough for the time and effort that all of you put in this week. Several families went above and beyond and we thank you all for your efforts. We wish we could put you all on the success wall!

We put on a great show this weekend and we could not have done it without the gracious, generous support from our super, awesome extended family. Wildcard’s reputation as a club was greatly enhanced throughout the state this weekend. This was about as well run a meet could have possibly been. Kudos to everyone. There was literally not one negative comment from a coach or a gymnast at the meet (other than the stringent judging of which we don’t have any control over).

As a reminder to all of you, there is no practice — boys or girls — tomorrow, March 24. We all need the day to recover.

The following gymnasts (who this meet was really about) will be added to the success wall:

Level 6:
Sofia B. — 9.000 on floor
Bradyn F. — 5th place bars
Izzie L. — 11th place beam
Elie L. — 4th place beam
Miley L. — 9.000 on vault (2nd place)
Jordan M. — 3rd place vault, 2nd place bars, 3rd place all-around
Camille P. — 8th place vaultEden R. — 4th place vault, 6th place beam, 6th place all-around

Level 8:
Ava G. — 9th place floor
Bella G. — 4th place vault
Heidi K. — 7th place bars
Glenna P. — 7th place vault

If we missed someone, please let us know. There was a lot going on and we might have an omission.

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