Good Luck to the Boys / Girls’ State Week

Boys’ State — Thanks to all our boys’ and girls’ team gymnasts who took part in the boys’ spirit week days. The boys had a blast at Noodles last night and will compete for state titles starting tomorrow. We wish them all the best!

Next Week’s Spirit Week — Next week will be spirit week as it’s both the state meet for the optional level girls and a home meet! This is designed to really get the gymnasts pumped up for State, so the more team spirit, the better! The following are the dress for spirit days:

Monday — St. Patrick’s Day. Wear your green!
Tuesday — Pink and black, Level 8s-up wear your leotards from the Altius meet. Other gymnasts can wear pink or black.
Thursday — Dress like a champion. Wear your medals or dress how you think a champion would dress.
Friday — Purple pride. Wear your purple!

Level 6s, 8s and 9s to Noodles — We will have a signup on the wall for our team dinner for the Level 6s, 8s and 9s to go to Noodles THURSDAY night as opposed to Friday night (due to state set up). We will go to Noodles at 8:30 p.m. with a 9:15 p.m. pick up. The menu and costs are on the wall.

Level 6-10 State Help — Families, in case you didn’t see it, the sign up for volunteer times for the state championship meet is on the wall. It’s filling up, but we still have a lot  of spots available. The most important spots are the on-floor score inputters and music players. We are in desperate need of help in the first session on Saturday as we still will have rec. classes at the gym in the morning and all our spare help will be people will be in use.

We also need volunteers to help with meet set up and tear down. Level 8s and 9s should plan on helping with set up at Brookfield East after practice. There will be plenty of chairs, awards stands and other smaller details to set up.

Captians, you’re expected to set your areas up on Friday night as well. Also, please help recruit volunteers for the areas that you oversee. Remember, all volunteers will receive free admission all weekend. And as an incentive, any family that volunteers for three or more sessions (not three family members in one session, but family members in three different sessions) will receive a $50 tuition credit. This tuition credit does not apply to award presenters, and only to the people on the floor, admissions, sellers, and hosts.

iPads Needed — Parents, we need to borrow 3-4 iPads for the meet for scoring purposes. We will take excellent care of them, we promise. Preferably if we can get iPads with 3G or 4G data on them, that would be better. The amount of data used to input scores is very small, but if we need to increase your data allotment, we can do that. Also, please turn off the password protection for the course of the weekend. A signup is on the wall or you can e-mail us at the gym at if you can loan us the iPad. Please no one-day loaners either. Please only respond if you can loan it for the duration of the meet. We will need them fully charged with a charger on Friday night and can return them at 8 p.m. on Sunday.

State Week Practice Changes — At this time, we have very few practice changes, but the ones we do have are the following:

Friday, March 21, Girls’ Level 6-9 ONLY (no other levels please) from 4-7 p.m. Level 6s should go home at 7 p.m. and 8s should plan on going to Brookfield East to help with set up until 10 p.m. No evening open gym.

Saturday, March 22, No boys or girls team in all levels (girls’ Level 2, girls’ Level 3, girls’  Xcel and boys all levels). The gym will be open for classes, but that is it. We will try to schedule a make-up for the Level 2s and Xcel girls and the Level 3 boys but the other levels will be made up with extensive extra opportunities in the summer.

Monday, March 24 – No Girls’ Team practice.  Enjoy the night off, do something fun, or just relax.  There is a good chance that we will have optional gymnasts competing at Regionals, so be prepared for two more weeks of really focused practices and then we’ll get to start doing some up training! 

Donations Needed

Parents, please be aware that as with competitions we’ve hosted previously, we will need some donated items for the Judges/Coaches’ Hospitality rooms.  Please be on the look out for that as the list will be forthcoming.  

Success Wall Additions— With it being a very busy month, the success wall is turning into a virtual success wall. We promise that we will catch up after the girls’ state meet. The boys compete at Scamps in Kenosha and the girls competed at the Lucky Invitational in Waukegan, Ill. Here are the soon-to-be-added success wall images:

Girls’ Level 6: Miley 9.000 on bars, Lilly Jag. 9.000 on vault
Boys’ Level 5: Max Br. 10.000 on rings; Ian Y. 9.800 on floor, 10.100 on rings, 10.100 on parallel bars, 9.800 on horizontal bar
Boys’ Level 6: Bryce W. 10.900 on floor, 9.700 on pommel horse
Boys’ Level 7: Reed B. 10.800 on floor (1st), 10.400 on pommel horse (1st), 9.900 on rings (1st), 10.000 on parallel bars (1st), 9.900 on horizontal bar (1st), 1st All-Around

Remember, to make the success wall at state, a gymnast needs to medal or get a 9.0, so lets get everyone on the success wall in the next two weeks. At the girls’ compulsory state, we had 80 percent of the gymnasts make the wall. Let’s keep that up!

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