Parents on the Floor; Boys’/Girls’ State Meet Items

Parents on the Floor/Equipment — Despite the information that went out earlier this week, we are still having quite an issue with parents being on the floor before and after practice. Unlike most gyms, we give you a seating area in the gym in which to view from. Parents should be in this seating area and not be out on the floor and definitely can not be coaching their children on equipment before or after practice. This was very much an issue on Tuesday. Please, parents, do not come on the floor unless you are asked to do so.

Reminder of No Team Practice Tonight — We are replacing tonight’s (Jan. 30) team practice with the trip to see Olympic champion Shawn Johnson tonight at Marquette. There is no boys’ or girls’ team practice (including fast track) so you may attend. We have 9 tickets left and will be at the gym until about 5:30 p.m., so if you wish to go, we still have tickets.

State Meet Information — Boys’ state meet apparel orders are due to us in the club by Monday, Feb. 17. There are also good luck ads available from the host. All boys state meet information is available here:

Girls’ optional level state meet will have no pre-sale of apparel. We will offer good luck ads to all of our team members at a $10 discount from what is listed (not including the quarter page ad)  and we will waive the $5 designing fee. Also, we will not be taking pre-orders for flowers from our team as per Wildcard tradition, we will be giving those to our gymnasts. The girls’ optional level state meet information is available here: 

We will provide Xcel state information as it becomes available.

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