Wednesday Girls’ Team Practice

WEDNESDAY PRACTICE — Level 3/4 and 4 Girls’ Team Practice on Wednesday, Jan. 15, is being cancelled due to the fact that we are significantly short of team coaches that night due to other conflicts. We will make this practice up, likely on a Saturday, when we have more staff available.

At this point, Saturday, Feb. 1, is the most likely the date for the makeup, but we will let you know closer to the time. They will likely come later, noon-3 p.m. or something similar to that time frame in order to accommodate all of our other teams. We apologize for any problems this may cause.

SUCCESS WALL ADDITIONS — The Level 8 and Level 9 girls’ and all the boys’ team competed at the M&M Challenge in West Allis over the weekend. It was a low scoring meet for all of the girls. We had a few get close to getting on the success wall, but we don’t have any girls’ additions. On the boys’ side, we have two additions (boys need a 9.5 or higher and Level 7 vault needs an 11.5) and a lot of near misses. Here are the success wall additions from the M&M Challenge:

Max Br.: Level 5 Floor, 10.500
Bryce W.: Level 6 Floor, 10.400

XCEL MEET FEES 2ND INSTALLMENT — The second installment for Xcel meet fees is due on Jan. 15. If those haven’t been paid on Jan. 15, they will be charged to your account and paid for by the card you have on file. The Xcel girls have their first meet on Saturday, Jan. 25, Wish them luck when you see them in the gym.

Xcel gymnasts competing at the Altius meet, you will get a leotard to compete in at that meet, so arrive a few minutes early in order to change. Plan on wearing your competition leotard to the meet and then change to the pink-ribbon leotard that is your meet gift.

CANCUN TRIP — Those gymnasts and families departing for Cancun on Wednesday, Jan. 15, will need to be at the gym by 4 a.m. The bus will depart for Chicago O’Hare no later than 4:15 a.m. Please have all your passports and any other documentation you may need on hand. We can not wait for you if you are late or are missing documentation.

If you plan on leaving a car, please leave it in the loading dock on the north side of the gym to conserve parking. We can park five cars there. Remember, there is one free checked bag for each passenger. Gymnasts should be wearing a Wildcard Gymnastics t-shirt or sweatshirt and their warm-ups on the plane to Cancun. Please put leotards and grips in your carry on bag.

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