Wildcard Closed Jan. 6

Due to the miserable weather conditions forecast for Monday, Jan. 6, Wildcard Gymnastics will not be open. We anticipate that we will be open for classes and practice on Tuesday, but that will be a decision that will be made likely on Monday, following what school districts decide.

We will attempt to open the building during the “warmest” part of the day for practice for gymnasts competing at the M&M Challenge (Girls’ Level 8-9 and Boys’ Level 4-7) and for gymnasts competing at the Cancun Classic (select girls from Levels 3, 6, 8 & 9) so they don’t miss one of their practices prior to a meet. We haven’t firmly decided up on a time, but at this point it is tentatively scheduled for noon-3:30 p.m. We will make a decision on time later and contact those gymnasts and families directly either by text or e-mail. However, if we can’t get the building to a comfortable temperature during the day we will not have practice.

Stay warm everyone!

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