Level 2 State Success, Fund-raising Orders, Off-Season Meets, Doggie Office

First we want to thank every gymnast, parent and passer-by who put in an enormous amount of effort to make the Level 2 State Championships a big success. We received a number of compliments and this will help our gym and its reputation (along with the success we have had at the two state meets this year). Thank you to everyone who helped out. We will need this amount of help—and more—in March for the Level 6-10 State Championship meet, the most important meet in the state for the year.

Girls’ Level 2 State Success Wall Additions — With nearly the whole team being added to the success wall last week, the Level 2s had a tough task to match the success of the 3s, 4s and 5s. They did their share. To get on the success wall for state, the Level 2s had to win a gold or silver medal, win an event or earn a 9.0 on an event (other than vault which would need a 9.5 or higher).

Angela B. — Gold Medal All-Around, 9.000 on bars, 9.150 on floor
Chasity D. — Gold Medal All-Around, 9.575 on bars (1st), 9.200 on floor (1st)
Morgan H. — Silver Medal All-Around
Ayanna L. — Gold Medal All-Around, 9.350 on bars
Mariyah L. — Gold Medal All-Around, 9.235 on bars, 9.075 on floor
Emma M. — Silver Medal All-Around, 1st on vault, 9.050 on bars
Anya M. — Silver Medal All-Around, 9.100 on bars, 9.050 on beam, 9.075 on floor
Elie R. — Silver Medal All-Around, 9.000 on beam (1st), 9.000 on floor
Annika W. — Silver Medal All-Around

Also, the boys’ Level 4-5s had their first meet of the season and we congratulate them on their first meet of the season.

Fund-raising Orders in on Monday — All coffee and cookie orders came in on Friday and according to Fed Ex tracking, our pasta orders will be in on Monday. We will need all of your help sorting and mostly picking up orders. Unless there is an issue with Fed Ex on Monday, we will have all the orders in.

Friday and Saturday’s Girls’ Team Practice — Due to the meet on Friday and the holidays coming up, only the Level 8s and 9s will practice Friday night. The Level 2s will not practice on Saturday, but the Xcel Silver girls will practice. The new Level 5s have their meet on Friday night and can come to practice every day this week in order to prepare.

New Routines— For Level 3s and Level 4s, we will be scheduling a clinic for learning next level routines over the Holiday Break. It will be a two-hour clinic and we will let you know when we finalize the date.

For the new Level 6s competing this season, we will be choreographing routines over the Holiday Break. There will be a $30 charge for the choreography of floor routines. We will have a schedule out soon.

If your gymnast can’t arrange for times over the holiday break due to travel, we can accommodate with a private lesson.

Off-Season Meet Schedule — The off-season meet schedule will include three regular-season meets for our gymnasts and two post-season. These AAU meets are not mandatory. Gymnasts can select and pay for these these meets a la carte. The only level that these are mandatory are for the Level 2 Purple (formerly Gold Bugs II). Many of our gymnasts will be competing the next level. We will inform everyone of level changes by the end of the week. The following is the off-season meet schedule and meet fees:

March 2 — Wildcard Cruise Classic (Brookfield) — $25 for Level 2, $34 for Level 3, $37 for Level 4 and 5 due by Feb. 1 — Any gymnast who didn’t qualify for Level 3, 4 & 5 state gets free entry fee to the meet. New Level 6s will compete this meet as part of their USAG meet fees.

March 15-16 — Shamrock Invitational (Watertown) — $25 for Level 2, $34 for Level 3, $37 for Level 4 and 5 due by Feb. 1

April 5 — Carousel Invitational (Plover) — $25 for Level 2, $34 for Level 3, $37 for Level 4 and 5 due by March 1

June 11-15 — AAU Age Group Nationals (Disney Resort, Fla.) — we expect it to be $85 due by May 1

July 28-30 — AAU Junior Olympics (Des Moines, Iowa) — we expect it to be $85 due by May 15

We will not be doing an AAU District meet this year due to the fact that it will be over many of our gymnasts’ spring break. We have received a waiver for qualification to the AAU National Championship events.

Additionally, we will likely be bidding on hosting the AAU Wisconsin District meet in 2015 and 2016. We will need help bidding on this as it’s a very corrupt and crooked process. We will have a day trip to Menomonie, Wis., the day of the vote. More information will come on this as we get closer.

Doggie Office — Please do not park in the Doggie Office parking lot for gymnastics purposes. We also know that many of you patronize Doggie Office and we have provided them quite a bit of business. They were very threatening to us for a one or two people who parked in their lot during the Level 2 State Championships. We ask that you either say something about the fact that you are affiliated with Wildcard Gymnastics and are bringing your pet there simply because of proximity and have other choices. We are going to call Central Bark just a few blocks away to see if they will give Wildcard customers who switch a discount on similar services.

The guy from Antrim Manufacturing across the street was also a jerk about parking, but I don’t think any of you do business with them (if you do, please find an alternative). As of now, First Supply to the north has allowed us to park there after 5 p.m. and Saturdays after 1 p.m. You may continue to do that until we find out otherwise.

First Meet — We wish the best of luck to the new girls’ Level 5s, Level 8s and Level 9 and boys’ Level 6s and Level 7 as they have their first meet this week at the Hawaiian Pineapple Classic in Schaumburg, Ill. Because of the meet on Friday and no practice for most levels on Friday, Thursday will be our purple-wearing day. Wear exhibition leos or other purple leos on Thursday of this week.

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