State Medalists, Level 2 Spirit Week, Level 2 State Needs

First off, we want to wish all of our Level 3, 4 and 5 gymnasts congratulations on a very good season. We had 27 competitors compete at state with a club-record 51 medals taken home (our previous high was 21). Here is a list of all of our medalists, all who will make the success wall:

Level 3:
Aniyah B. — 4th place vault (9.650)
BeckyDee D. — 5th place beam (9.000), 4th place floor
Emily G. — 7th place vault, 6th place beam, 7th place floor (9.025)
Adriana H. — 12th place vault, 14th place beam
Nadia J. — 11th place vault, 11th place bars, 11th place floor
Ella J. — 5th place bars (9.525), 11th place beam (9.050)
Aaliyah K. — 12th place vault, 11th place bars, 15th place beam, 8th place floor, 9th place All-Around
Nora L. — 12th place beam
Norah T. — 6th place vault, 10th place beam, 8th place floor, 8th place All-Around
Taylor T. — 12th place vault, 3rd place beam, 10th place floor, 8th place All-Around
Ryann W. — 12th place beam
Jenna W. — 9th place beam, 13th place floor

Level 4:
Sofia B. — 3rd place vault, 9th place bars, 11th place beam, 6th place All-Around
Hattie B. — 14th place bars, 13th place beam, 14th place floor
Madeline C. — 10th place beam
Ava C. — 9th place beam
Bradyn F. — 10th place bars, 7th place floor
Delaney H. — 1st place vault, 3rd place bars, 5th place beam, 5th place floor, 1st place All-Around — STATE CHAMPION
Camille P. — 10th bars

Level 5
Izzie L. — 8th place beam
Elie L. — 6th place vault
Miley L. — 10th place vault, 11th place floor
Jordan M. –7th place bars
Eden R. — 2nd place vault, 4th place bars, 2nd place beam, 2nd place floor, 3rd place All-Around

Every member of the Level 4 team had at least one medal and the team was 0.025 away from earning a medal as a team!

Level 2 Spirit Week — With Level 2 state this week, this is again spirit week, but just on the days that Level 2s practice. This is the schedule for spirit week for this week:

Tuesday: Pajama day
Thursday: Tie Dye
Friday: Formal and purple

Remember, Level 2s, to get your Noodles orders in for Friday night. We will take the gymnasts to Noodles to eat at 7:30 p.m. and you should pick them up at 8:30 p.m. from the restaurant. Remember, Friday night’s practice is just for Level 2s, new Level 5s and Level 8s and 9s.

Level 2 State Needs — With Level 2 State just around the corner, there are still a few needs left in the way of volunteering. At this point, we still need admissions workers and front desk and leotard sales workers. We seem to be covered with workers on the floor. Thank you.

However, we still have some needs for concessions and the judges and coaches rooms. Instead of asking for everyone to bring items in, we are going to rely on volunteers since we just asked everyone for donations.

We need the following items:

Concessions: Hot dog buns, hamburger buns, seasoned ground beef, diced tomatoes, sour cream, butter, already baked potatoes, salsa, baked goods

Judges and coaches’ rooms AM: bagels, fruit plates, yogurts

Judges and coaches’ room noon: Salad and dressing, soups, cold cuts, sliced cheese, bread, mayonnaise, chips and dip, veggie plate, desserts

Judges and coaches room PM: Mini snack foods (hous d’ooeuvre, finger, appetizer-style foods)

We will have 8 judges and as many as 40 coaches. A sign-up sheet will be up at the gym on Tuesday.

New selection of leotards — For the state meet, we received a large selection of leotards from SylviaP, the company who we got our long-sleeved competition leos from. They are available for sale now if you want to get them for holiday presents prior to being purchased by our guests from other clubs. These are super-high quality leotards (and thus cost more).

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