Level 3-5 State Meet Spirit Week!

Level 3-5 State Meet Spirit Week — For the next two weeks, we will do Spirit Week for the Level 3-5 and Level 2 State Meets. Other level gymnasts (boys, Xcel and Fast Track included) are encouraged to take part in the festivities.  The information for Spirit Week this week is below:

Monday — Achieve your goals. Dress like your idol, superstar, movie star or anyone that you think is your hero.
Tuesday — Twinsies. Find a gymnast and dress like them. Matching leotards!
Wednesday — Shine bright like a star. Wear neon or sparkles!
Thursday — Superhero day. Wear capes and super-hero costumes.
Friday — Purple day and formal day. Dress up!

On Friday, practice is from 4:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m. We are trying to arrange a team dinner to Noodles on 124th and Capital for the Level 3s, 4s and 5s. Gymnasts must pay for their own dinner, we will transport to Noodles, we will get pre-orders. Pick up will be at Noodles. This is still pending as we have not heard back from Noodles if they will accommodate all of us. We will do the same next week for the Level 2s on Friday night. Friday night practice this week is for the Level 2s as well. They will not practice on Saturday. The dinner at Noodles is just for the Level 3, 4 and 5 gymnasts this week.

The complete meet schedule for Level 3-5 state can be found by clicking here. Please consider coming out to cheer on your teammates.

Level 2 Spirit Week information will come closer to next week.

Level 2 State Meet Volunteer Opportunities — Please note, there are several spots still available to volunteer for the Level 2 State Meet. Gymnasts are encouraged to volunteer to take the pressure off the Level 2 parents so they may watch their children. The sessions are quick and volunteers will get a meet volunteer shirt (as available). So if your gymnast needs some volunteer hours, this is an easy way to accomplish this. For those families that didn’t volunteer at the Wild Wild West Classic, this is a great opportunity to be a bigger part of the gym.

Of importance is the gym tear down on Thursday night and put back together on Saturday night. We need about 8 strong individuals for that and the process takes about 90 minutes to 2 hours.

The meet schedule for Level 2 State can be found by clicking here.

Individual Photos — For those gymnasts who have taken individual photos, those are ready. The costs for the photos are $10 per gymnast (if you have two gymnasts, you will need to pay $20) and includes at least three photos plus the team photos. Please send an e-mail to gymnastics@wildcard-gymnastics.com stating you wish to purchase the photos and if you want your account to be charged or if you will pay cash or charge. Once we have your payment, you will be sent a link in which you can download your photos. All gymnasts have a head shot and three staged photos. Also included will be the all-team photo and the respective level photo(s) that your gymnast is in. A copyright release will also be included in the download. At this point, you may do what you wish with the photos, be it upload to Facebook, print photos, print gifts at Snapfish or your photo vendor of choice.

We still have a few gymnasts who need to take their individual photos. Gymnasts should bring their competition leotards on Monday or Tuesday, when they come to practice. Those gymnasts are:

Girls’ Winter/Spring Level 2s: Olivia Green, Lilly Jahr.
Girls’ Level 2: Korynne Moga, Brooklyn Scheid.
Girls’ Level 3: All done.
Boys’ Level 4: All done.
Girls’ Level 4: Sofia Bratley.
Boys’ Level 5: All done.
Girls’ Level 5: Izzie LaSpisa, Miley Locklear-Thomas, Maddie Westfahl.
Boys’ Level 6: All done.
Boys’ Level 7: All done.
Girls’ Xcel: All done.
Girls’ Level 8: Dosia McKinney, Ashley Watkins.
Girls’ Level 9: All done.

Pasta/Coffee/Fudge Fundraiser — If you have not turned in your fund-raiser, it absolutely has to get in on Monday, no questions asked. We can get late orders in but not later than Monday. We will be contacting families who haven’t turned in fund-raising forms individually. For those of you who turned your forms in on time, thank you very much.

Cancun Trip — For those of you going on the Cancun trip, final payment is due on Monday, December 2. You should have been sent a final invoice by now. If you have not received your invoice, please let the front desk know.

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