This Week’s Toughness Training Assignment – Design your own Championship Plan

Parents and Gymnasts:

Congratulations to the compulsory gymnasts who have completed their last regular meet of the season! We are really proud of everyone this season and know that you have worked hard.  Now we are going to focus on having a successful State meet.  With the State Championships being only 3 or 4 weeks away, depending on the level, we are going to be working even harder to prepare the gymnasts both mentally and physically.  Here is a fantastic article about how to stay calm and cool in a Championship competition from Dr. Alan Goldberg, author of “Sticking It: A Gymnast and Coaches’ Guide to Mental Toughness.”  Click this link for the article –  Please discuss this article with your gymnast so they are familiar with the 7 Tips for Staying Cool under pressure.

Then click here printable PDF for Designing a Championship Plan .  This will help your gymnast increase their focus of the next three or four weeks before State (or as they prepare for the start of their season, in the case of the Optionals and the Boys.) Over the next few weeks will also be working on some visualization, team building, positive self-talking, and working on developing mental cues to help the gymnasts feel confident at the State Championships. 

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