Individual Photos, Girls’ State Meet Apparel and Good Luck Ads

Individual & Level Team Photos — Individual and Level team photos will take place the week of Thanksgiving. We will do what we can taking some individual pictures the Monday and Tuesday of practice that week, but the majority of the open times will occur on Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving. Gymnasts can sign up for a 10-minute spot and we will do at least three poses and a head shot of all gymnasts. We will do Level photos on Monday and Tuesday, which will take up the majority of time those two days. For those families going out of town during the holiday season, we will try to accommodate on Monday and Tuesday.

The following will be times for the Level photos (all gymnasts for the appropriate level should be at practice on that day):
Saturday, Nov. 23 — Girls’ Level 2 winter/spring (currently Gold Bugs II competing)
Monday, Nov. 25 — Boys’ All Levels (including Level 3), Girls’ Level 3, Girls’ Level 4
Tuesday, Nov. 26 — Girls’ Level 2, Girls’ Level 5, Girls’ Level 8, Girls’ Level 9
Friday, Nov. 29 — Individual Photos
Saturday, Nov. 30 — Individual Photos

Gymnasts should have their competition leotards (singlets, pants and socks for Level 4-7 boys and t-shirt and shorts for Level 3 boys) with them on these days. They will not practice in these, but will change into them. If they don’t have them, they will not be in their level photo.

Girls’ Xcel will take level and individual photos later, after their leotards arrive.

A schedule of 10 minute time slots will be available on the wall in the main lobby in the next few days. Even if your gymnast isn’t planning on purchasing any of the photos, we ask that all gymnasts participate because we use these photos later in the year for the success wall, website and banquet videos. Individual photo times will also be available on Monday and Tuesday. Please reserve these times for those who will be out of town on Friday and Saturday during Thanksgiving.

This year, we are just making the photos of your child available to each family. This will include the all-team photo, the level photo, the headshot and three posed photos. We will sell digital copies of the photos to each family for $10 per gymnast (so if you have two children, you will pay $20). This will include the copyright release. At that point, it is up to you to do with those as you wish, be it post to Facebook or order photo gifts from a service such as Snapfish or Walgreens.

Girls’ Level 2 State Meet Good Luck Ads — Like many other state meets, we are offering good luck ads for the Level 2 State Meet Program. This is your opportunity to wish your child good luck at her first USA Gymnastics-sanctioned state championship.

As the host, we are offering $5 off the cost of the ad to our families and will provide the design work at no charge. Click here for the order form and go to page 3 for sizes and costs (please disregard the flowers order as we will provide flowers for all our gymnasts as per Wildcard tradition). The deadline stated on the ad is Nov. 10, but we will allow until Nov. 15 for the submission and payment of Girls’ Level 2 State Meet Good Luck Ads.

Please encourage relatives, teachers, friends, etc. to purchase a Good Luck Ad for the Level 2 State Meet as the gymnasts think it’s really special to see their own names/pictures in the meet program.  The meet program makes a fantastic keepsake for your child’s gymnastics career.

Apparel for the Level 2 state meet, hosted at Wildcard Gymnastics, will not be available for pre-order.

Girls’ Level 3-5 State Meet Apparel Orders & Good Luck Ads — Level 3-5 State Meet Apparel orders are due to Wildcard Gymnastics by Nov. 13. Good Luck Ads are due to LaFleur’s Gymnastics (the host gym), by Nov. 9. More information on these products can be found here.

Change in Level 8/9 Meet Schedule — Due to the fact that the AAU District Meet is over the final weekend of spring break for many gymnasts, we are dropping that meet from the schedule. Several of the team members indicated they enjoyed competing at the Altius Pink Ribbon Meet, where they get special leotards. Therefore, we are altering the schedule to include this meet for the Level 8 and 9 gymnasts instead of the April AAU District Championships. The Altius Pink Ribbon meet is scheduled for January 25-26. This is also the first meet for Xcel, so it will be good to have a full team in attendance.

For all of Wildcard Gymnastics team information, sign up for e-mail reports at Wildcard’s team blog, For more information, including team information, like Wildcard Gymnastics on Facebook or follow Wildcard Gymnastics on Twitter @wildcardnews. For all the meet results, including previous meet results, season highs, awards, 9.0s and all meet statistics, go to the Wildcard Gymnastics web site,, and click on the team tab.

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