Home Meet Volunteering, Bring Comp Leos on Friday/Saturday

Wild Wild West Classic Volunteer Opportunities — With Wildcard’s annual fall meet just two-and-a-half weeks away, we are well in the planning stages to host what we hope will be our best meet ever. We have close to 200 gymnasts attending. We are holding all sessions on Saturday, Oct. 26 (if you haven’t seen the meet schedule, it is available on the blog). Boys will be competing in their “mock meet” at this in the first session, as will the optional-level gymnasts in the final session, so virtually all Wildcard’s Team Gymnasts will be competing.

As a result, we will need plenty of help to run the meet. Gymnasts can help where appropriate. We will have the list posted on the wall in the office by the end of Thursday. While we usually have plenty of help, people don’t always indicate what session and duty they are volunteering for so we are left scrambling to get people in the right places. Please sign up so we don’t have that confusion and hectic time prior to the meet. You should volunteer for one session that isn’t your child’s session, so you can see them compete. There are very few volunteer opportunities where you will get to see your child compete the whole time.

Also, not all volunteer opportunities are on Saturday. We will need individuals to build goody bags on Thursday and to help arrange the gym on Thursday night as well as re-arrange the gym on Saturday night.

We are also in need of some area “captains,” someone in charge of a specific area for the whole of the meet. This can be split among people for the course of the day. Areas we need captains for are: concessions, admissions, front desk (phone answering and leotard sales), coaches/judges rooms. We will also need these captains for the Level 2 state meet in December. These captains will be the ones “training” the set of volunteers for each session and will have some general supervisory and decision making duties.

We also encourage everyone to attend multiple sessions, especially the gymnasts. Teams usually do their best at their home meets and that can be accomplished with lots of support.

Success Wall Additions — With the girls’ third meet of the season in the books and the first meet of the season completed for Level 2, we are again acknowledging those gymnasts who scored a 9.0 (9.5 or above for Level 2 and 3 vault). We aren’t sure if this is going to be a weekly thing but we’re taking advantage of the blog post to do it again. As a result, we are going to also acknowledge the first meet successes. Take a look at the wall and encourage your child to earn a spot on it:

Midwest Twisters Meet:
Level 3: Ella J. (vault winner), Aaliyah K. (9.25 on bars, winner on bars), Emily G. (winner on beam)
Level 4: Madeline C. (9.1 on beam), Sofia B. (vault winner)

M&M Meet:
Level 2: Angela B. (9.000 on beam, 9.050 on floor), Ayanna L. (9.050 on floor), Mariyah L. (9.000 on beam), Anya M. (9.050 on floor)
Level 3: Aaliyah K. (9.150 on bars, bars winner, all-around winner), Taylor T. (9.150 on floor, floor winner), Kamryn W. (beam winner)
Level 4: Delaney H. (9.000 on vault, vault winner, floor winner, all-around winner)
Level 5: Elie L. (vault winner)

Bring Competition Leotards on Friday/Saturday — As our usual tradition when we host an invitational meet, we have an introduction video for our team. We need to spend a few minutes on Friday and Saturday filming the gymnasts for the video. If all girls’ gymnasts could bring their competition leotard on Friday (or Saturday for Level 2s) we can accomplish this. It will only take a few minutes and will probably occur during each groups’ conditioning.

And Finally — We want to thank all of you for all that you do for us. We know that the commitment to gymnastics is greater than most youth sports. We appreciate all the time and effort that go into everything we do. Our teams are off to a great start this season. We hope to keep up this momentum for the rest of the season and into the spring boys, optional girls and Xcel seasons.

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