Cancun Meet Information, Compulsory Routine Videos

Before we get to the Cancun trip information, here is the link to the dropbox which contains all the videos for the compulsory routines: Compulsory videos

As promised, here is some beginning information on our team’s trip to the Cancun Classic:

Levels: All boys’ and girls’ team levels are invited. The meet fees are factored in for Level 7-9 girls and the boys swap this meet out for the Swiss Cup the following weekend (with the addition of $30). This is not a USA Gymnastics sanctioned event, but will use USAG rules. Qualifying scores are not directly eligible, but the meet organizer has indicated that several gymnasts have used this meet for qualification/move-up purposes.

Dates: The dates of the competition are listed as January 16-20, 2014. At this point, it would appear that we would either leave late on Wednesday, January 15 (if possible, pending on flight arrangements) or early on January 16. It looks like from their schedule that January 16 is a training day for the collegiate competitors and the Level 9-up gymnasts. Ideally, we would return on Tuesday, January 21, but might return on Monday, January 20 if we can leave late enough and the competition schedule allows. It looks as if from previous years, the competition typically takes place on Saturday and Sunday. There is an NCAA Division I meet on Saturday night as part of the schedule. With the meet being over Martin Luther King Jr. day, many schools will have at least that day off so missed school will be minimized. Milwaukee Public Schools and Wauwatosa School District has Jan. 20 off. Elm Brook does not however. We will have study time for all gymnasts while on the trip in order to complete homework assignments.

Travel Arrangements: Wildcard Gymnastics will be making one set of travel arrangements for gymnasts and families heading to to the competition. If you wish to deviate from this arrangement, you will be on your own. Most likely, we will be flying from Chicago. No matter where we fly from, you will be on your own to get to the airport and we will not wait for anyone who is late or doesn’t have the proper documentation. YOU MUST HAVE A PASSPORT TO TRAVEL TO MEXICO. If you don’t have a passport, you will need to get one. It takes 4-6 weeks to receive a passport at a cost of around $100 per person. At this point the cost to fly to Cancun is $433 per person as a group out of Chicago. We hope to have this cost down right around $400 per person. We will continue shopping for a flight deal. Again, the plan is to leave if possible late on Wednesday if possible and return late on Tuesday. At the very minimum, we will have three full days in Cancun. At this point, we plan on staying at one of two properties, the Hyatt Regency or more likely, the Royal Mayan. Both are beachfront properties, minutes by foot from the meet’s site, the Iberostar Resort. Both are significantly cheaper than the Iberostar. Again, we will continue shopping, but the cost per room night at this point is $125. A family of four can expect to pay around $2200 for flights and hotels. On previous trips, to save costs, one gymnast has traveled with one parent and has roomed with a second gymnast and parent to reduce costs.

WHILE IN CANCUN: Unlike most trips where we have scripted every detail, this one will have parents and gymnast more on their own. Travel while in Cancun will be on your own. The hotel and beach area will provide plenty to do. Those wishing to get away and explore the area (such as go visit Mayan ruins) will be on your own. There will not be a group excursion, much unlike our trips to Puerto Rico and the Cayman Islands. Meals will be on your own as well. We MAY offer group meal opportunities, but we can’t guarantee it at this point.

RESERVING YOUR SPOT: If you wish to travel with Wildcard Gymnastics, you must provide a $50 deposit per person traveling with the names, birthdates and proof of passport or passport application by Sept. 20 to Wildcard Gymnastics. Meet fees of $120 per competing gymnast are due to Wildcard Gymnastics by Oct. 15 (Level 7-9 girls do not need to pay this fee, boys need only to pay $30). Meet fees are due by Nov. 1. MEET FEES ARE NOT REFUNDABLE AFTER NOV. 1 (per the meet’s organizers). Final payment at this point is due will be due by Dec. 1 (but this may change pending on when the final payment is due to the airline).

For those gymnasts and families not traveling with the Wildcard Group and traveling on their own, we simply need the $120 meet fee by Oct. 15.

Gymnasts may travel on their own in the care of another family. Feel free to talk to other families on the team if your child wants to go and parents are unable to attend.

FUNDRAISING: For those of you who do plan on going, the fall fund-raiser will help offset your costs. For as much profit as a gymnast raises, it will lower the amount owed. For those not going, there will be prizes for those who raise the most funds.

ORGANIZATIONAL MEETING: We will have an organizational meeting late in November or early in December once we have final attendance numbers.

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