Level 3 Routines

Level 3 routines – PLEASE PRACTICE!!  (This is for current Fast Track and Gold Bug IIs)

Floor – Stand with feet together, arms stretched; relevé, step with bad foot, kick with good foot, handstand forward roll; stretch and press;
Angel arms down, run run hurdle roundoff, press;
Arms over head (roof), backward roll to pike, stand up with straight legs; press;
Arms to ears, back bend and kickover OR backwalkoverm finish in lunge, press;
Angel arms down, hands on your hips, step with bad, hold up good leg;
Step down, plié, chassé, press; run, run, run leap with good leg; step with bad, kick with good, pull in to
Coupé; heel snap turn, step in front, plié, stretch press;
Angel arms down feet together, straight jump, tuck jump, plié, stretch and press finish.

Beam – push up to front support, swing good leg over the beam; tuck position, straighten to pike/vsit; straddle and swing to push up position;
Jump feet in so that good foot is in front, sit up to flat back, relevé stand and press;
Step onto good foot, put bad foot behind, arabesque (hold 3 seconds); arms to ears;
Step in front with bad, kick with good, handstand; press;
Running step, running step, stretch up tall in relevé, pivot turn; plié; split jump, press;
Step with bad, kick with good, dismount

Watch some of the routines on YOUTUBE.

***** Search USAG or AAU Level 3 floor routines. You may hear some variety in music or see a back bend instead of a bridge, but most of these routines are correct and use good form. Have your gymnast watch these over and over. (USAG gymnasts don’t do the back bend/back walkover).

Meets are fast-approaching so they should KNOW their routines on floor and beam on their own.

3 day a week practices for current Gold Bug IIs and Fast Track will start after Dec 10th.
Tuesday on Dec. 11th and Saturday, Dec. 14th .
Tues & Thurs 4:30-6:30 Sat 9-noon?

PS – Words that end in é are pronounced with a long A sound like in DAY.
Relevé – rel-a-vay Plié – Plee-ay Chassé – Sha- say Coupé – Cou- pay

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