Volunteer Help Wanted / Items Needed for Wild West Classic

As you may already know, we are hosting the Wild West Classic on site on October 28th.  Each level of Team (Girls’ and Boys’) are responsible for helping out with bringing concession, goody bag, and/or judges’  room items.  In addition, we ask that parents please sign up to help with running the meet, set up or tear down, etc.  Please remember that Wildcard Gymnastics doesn’t have a booster club or charge booster club fees, by having families volunteer we are able to keep your costs low.  You may sign up for a job on the wall next to the front desk.  We always need help with setting the gym back up!  

We have 5 sessions.  We need people to help with the “Jail/Playroom”, play music, take care of bathrooms, work the admission table, work in concessions, man the front desk / phones, help set up the gym and put it back together.  Please volunteer your time!  We definitely can put older siblings, grandmas and grandpas, friends, and complete strangers to work!  Thank you in advance for signing up. 

Also, we ask that families donate items to help out with concessions, judges/coaches’ room, and goody bags, etc.  Please bring the following items by October 25th.  If it is something perishable, you may bring it the night before / morning of the meet.  You may choose to “buy out” option and donate $20 instead of preparing/getting various items. But “buy-outs” must be done by October 25th.  

We have approximately 200 kids coming to the meet, 30 coaches and 8 judges.  

Here are the items we need each level to bring:

Jr. Gold Bugs – treat/goody bag items (Halloween or Western trinkets, tattoos, pencils, lip gloss, etc.)

Gold Bugs I – Halloween themed bags to put goody bag items in

Gold Bugs II – Bathroom supplies/judges’ room items:  mints, gum, hairspray, baskets, pins, hair ties, lotion, nail clippers, etc. (There are 4 rooms that need those things.)

Fast Track – Napkins, cups, plates, plastic ware, ground coffee, creamer

Level 3 – Bring 2 cases of any of the following : water, soda, gatorade, juice, flavored water

Level 4 – Breakfast items, hot dogs (75), buns (75), Taco meet (seasoned and cooked – 4 lbs), 2 boxes of fritos; sour cream, salsa, black olives; ketchup and mustard

Level 5 – Bakery items, granola bars, snacks, chips, fruit, puppy chow, brownies, etc. 

Level 6-10 – Judges / coaches’ room meals : Crock pot items (These are ideas. Anything would be great.)

Breakfast – fruit plate, french toast, muffins, etc. 

Lunch – crock pot lasagna, mac and cheese, veggies, garlic bread, etc. 

Dinner – salad and dressing, soup, sloppy joes, sandwiches, etc. 

Boys – puppy chow in baggies, cream cheese, Halloween treats
Please sign up on the wall at the front desk, indicating what you will be bringing.  Thanks so much! 
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