Wildcard Pasta Fundraiser to begin soon!

Great News! Wildcard Gymnastics is fundraising with Fun Pasta Fundraising again this year!

We’re raising money for new gym equipment and to help offset coaching/meet costs. Our goal for each seller is to sell 10 bags! Pasta is affordable and selling is fun and simple. And best of all, our group can earn up to 50% profit!

Fun Pasta is pasta shaped like the holidays, sports, collegiate team logos, and more. The colorful brochure features a wide variety of shapes that will appeal to everyone!  Please be sure to SHARE our webpage link on Facebook! We have a link for Online Sales.

Out-of-town relatives and friends can now order directly from the company and WE GET THE CREDIT! 40% of these sales go directly to us!(excludes shipping cost). There is a flat rate shipping charge of $6.95, but they ship within a couple of days, and our relatives can easily support our group!

Please share and forward this link:


EVERY seller can qualify to win prizes!! With each $1000 in total group sales, our group qualifies for a 10-dollar iTunes or Walmart gift card. With each 10 items a child sells, his or her name goes into the “pot” for the Prize Raffle. The more they sell, the better their chance to win!

Order and Money Collection Envelope are DUE: November 26 (So that we can receive the pasta in time for the Holidays!)

MANY THANKS FOR HELPING US REACH OUR GOAL! If you have any questions, please contact Alie or Amy. 

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