Level 3s-10s Dance Schedule – Dance Defined

Wildcard has started incorporating formal dance instruction into their team gymnastics training.  Levels 3 through 10 are expected to participate in 45 mins to an hour of dance each week.  We will be continuing this training throughout the upcoming year.  Here is the schedule for the next couple of weeks.  (We made some changes to accommodate dance teacher, Heidi Stevens schedule that runs through the first week of September).  We hope to continue dance on Friday evenings after that.  So — Please remember to bring your ballet shoes to practice on the following days.  If you don’t have shoes, you can order them directly from Miss Heidi for $20 or purchase them from the Payless at the Mall.  They run pretty true to shoe size.

Mon 8/20

Level 3s 4:45-5:30     Level 4s  5:30-6:15    Level 6-10  6:15-6:45     Level 6-10   6:45-7:30

Tues  8/21

Level 5s   4:30-5:15   Level 6-10s  5:15-5:45   Level 6-10s  5:15-6:45    Tops  6:15-7:00

Tues 8/28 & 9/4

Level 5s  4:30-5:15      Level 6-10  5:15-6:00     Levels 6-10  6:00-6:45   Tops  6:45-7:30

Weds  8/29 & 9/5

Level 3s & 4s   6:45-7:30

If you have not made your August payment it is past due.  Please make your September payment soon!  Make checks payable to DANCE DEFINED.  Levels 3-5  $25 .  Levels 6-10 $30.

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